Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Deal...$20K for US Citizenship

Back in August 2010, I did a post on Birthright Citizenship.  It addressed the 14th Amendment and "anchor babies".

This week there have been reports of "maternity hotels" in California, where pregnant women from other countries pay a fee and are then taken to the United States to have their babies.  It's called "birth tourism".  And the best part (said with sarcasm) is...we aren't doing anything to stop it.  There's even a website dedicated to it.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

USA Baby Care's website makes no attempt to hide why the company's clients travel to Southern California from China and Taiwan. It's to give birth to an American baby.
"Congratulations! Arriving in the U.S. means you've already given your child a surefire ticket for winning the race," the site says in Chinese. "We guarantee that each baby can obtain a U.S. passport and related documents."

Isn't that great?

A passort isn't the only benefit these babies gain:
That passport is just the beginning of a journey that will lead some of the children back to the United States to take advantage of free public schools and low-interest student loans, as the website notes. The whole family may eventually get in on the act, since parents may be able to piggyback on the child's citizenship and apply for a green card when the child turns 21.
The article goes on to say there are "possibly hundreds" of companies operating "maternity hotels" in California.  Women pay as much as $20,000 for the privilege of birthing their babies in America.

Here's something you'll enjoy:
The road to giving birth in the U.S. begins with an in-person interview at an American consulate in the woman's home country. Neither pregnancy nor the intent to give birth in the U.S. are disqualifying factors. The primary concern is making sure the applicant will not remain in the country indefinitely, the State Department said.
Likewise, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers do not refuse entry because a woman is coming to give birth.
Guess their kid coming back to the USA later in life, and possibly taking the family along with them, isn't a concern either.
"Obviously, the only reason it happens at all is because we permit it," said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates reduced immigration. "They're not doing anything illegal. The question for policymakers is, 'Is this a good idea?'"

Are you as sick and tired of people taking advantage of America as I am?  It is unconscionable that we do not have a law stopping activities like selling US citizenship.  Isn't that just common sense?  But then again, since when do we ever use common sense in this country?  We are our own worse enemy.

Read the entire article:

In suburbs of L.A., a cottage industry of birth tourism
By Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times

More info:
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  1. This kind of crap will eventually stop, once our economy crashes and burns under the weight of the entire world taking advantage of our liberal 'betters' and their wonderful ideas that will dry every tear off of every face on the planet (using other people's money).

    And like ol' Maggie Thatcher noted, sooner or later programs like this collapse when they run out of other people's money.

    1. You got that right. It's a darn shame that our leaders are more interested in getting votes than protecting our borders and our economy. Shame on them and on the voters who put them in power.

    2. '...and the voters who put them in power.' Not an insignificant amount of shame on this segment, Lady, but rather the lion's share of shame. And these morons are in control, for better or for worse. (meaning worse, for those of you in Rio Linda)

    3. Dittos. Obviously, you are a Rush listener.

  2. I am so sick of these people taking advantage of the U.S. But what's worse are the politicians who let this happen. Shame on them. Vote em out!

    1. It's discouraging to think that our "leaders" are only worried about getting a vote than protecting our sovereignty.


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