Friday, October 5, 2012

BHO Supporters Questioned After Debate

Should President Obama have been allowed to use his teleprompter during the debate?

Video via Breitbart

Some of these people actually looked normal before they opened their mouths. They gladly give President Obama a pass, despite his abysmal performance the night before.  They think it would have been perfectly fine for him to have had his teleprompter to help him along with the answers.  Obviously, they have no conception of what a "debate" is.  It's not surprising that they are willing to vote for President Obama again.  He just didn't get a fair shake.


  1. Similar to the Chrissy Mathews vid where he is so upset about the debate. He said "he (Mitt) was talking to THE PRESIDENT like that".

    Clearly illustrates one of the major problems with libtards. They are unaware the president is Our employee. Nope, they think he/she is a King.
    What could possibly be more screwed up in someone's mind who votes in America.

    Plus where was this 'king' concept with Chrissy when Bush was in office.

    It's just devolved so far it's hard to verbalize.......................

    1. Bottom line...people are stupid. As for Chris Matthews...he's nuts.


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