Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Easer-in-Chief and His Accomplice


How many Americans fell for that line back in 2007?  He was so sure of himself back then.  Wonder if there is any question in his mind now that he may have been wrong, or is the "audacity of his hope" still so strong that he believes he can turn this mess around.  Oh, and there's always the chance he'll put the blame somewhere else, like on his accomplice who is now being blamed for ignoring the warnings about attacks on the Libyan consulate.  Will she be asked to resign?

One thing is for sure...the lap-dog media, with the exception of a few, will continue to try to cover up the failures of this administration.  Remember this, if the main stream media had done their job back in 2007-2008, Mr. Obama would never have stepped foot in the oval office.  They will lie, they will cheat and they will spin to get him re-elected.

The GOP, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have 52 days (and the countdown in the sidebar is ticking away) to convince Americans that Obama must go.  You'd think with the condition America is in right now, that would be a piece of cake.  Well, it's not when you have to fight a main stream media who is doing everything in their power to destroy you.

Thank goodness for the "new media", because without them we would never know the truth of what is happening in our country and why.  Patriot bloggers, keep up the good work.  That blog of yours, or Facebook page or Twitter account is helping to spread the truth.

Oh, and while the blogging and tweeting help, a few prayers thrown in for good measure can't hurt.


  1. How bizarre that Mr. Obama ever thought that "living in a Muslim country" would give him "street credit" there.

    1. President Obama is a narcissist. He thinks he is the smartest person in the room and no one has ever told him that he is not.
      Thank you fire stopping by and commenting.

  2. We have a two month long tough fight ahead ... NOvember!

  3. Landslide in November. Although a lot of the American electorate is stupid, I think we have enough brain power left to fight through the stupidity that Obama caters to. Landslide. Count on it.


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