Friday, September 28, 2012

I Attended a Lecture by the Courageous Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel speaking at the Chestnut Assembly of God in Vineland, NJ 
on September 27, 2012.

Think about this.  The job of the President of the United States is to protect and defend America and it's citizens.  On the home front, our president thinks it's his job to spread the wealth around and provide Americans with birth control, abortions and cell phones.  When it comes to protecting America, his first impulse is to travel the world apologizing for America and bowing down to dictators and tyrants.  His arrogance leads him to believe that, just his "being president", will ease Muslim hostility.   He has invited the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and has given them high ranking jobs in his administration.  His Muslim outreach and encouragement of the Arab Spring has resulted in the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, attacks on American Embassies around the world, the murder of 4 American patriots (one being an American Ambassador), and the outbreak of violence in 20 countries (maybe a failure all together).  Isn't it about time we fire President Obama?

Last night I met someone who puts President Barack Obama to shame when it comes to the the protection of America.  I had the opportunity to hear the courageous anti-terrorism warrior, Brigitte Gabriel, give a lecture at the Chestnut Assembly of God Church in Vineland, NJ.  It was wonderful to listen to this brave patriot speak at the very time our national security is being tested and we have an administration (and a lame stream media) who find it necessary to cover-up the details in order to get their candidate re-elected.

Ms. Gabriel is a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel discussing radical Islam.  She is an author (here and here) and the founder of ACT for America.  According to their website, ACT for America is, "...a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to give Americans concerned about national security, terrorism, and the threat of radical Islam, a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice".

Let me tell you...Ms. Gabriel IS a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice against radical Islam.  She is a Christian who was born in Lebanon.  She and her family lived in a bomb shelter from when she was 10 years old until she was 17 years old, the entire time fearing for their lives.  She has lived the horror of Islamic terrorism.  Ms. Gabriel and her family now live in America.  

Ms. Gabriel says her defining moment came on 9/11.  As she and her family watched the continuing TV coverage of the towers falling, her young daughter asked her the same question she asked her father on the day they were attacked by terrorists in Lebanon..."Why are they doing this to us?"  She found herself responding with the same answer her father gave her those many years ago..."They hate us and want to kill us because they think we are infidels."  From that day on, Ms. Gabrielle has dedicated her life to fighting Islamic terrorism and it's infiltration into America and the West.  She travels all over the country giving lectures for free and promoting ACT for America.

Ms. Gabriel's presentation included these topics:
  • Suppression of criticism of Islam
  • Homegrown jihad
  • Terrorists infiltrating our borders
  • The Muslim Brotherhood and creeping sharia law in America
  • Misrepresentation of history in our public education
  • How Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating our government
Did you know that...
  • the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928 to bring back the Islamic Caliphate?
  • your child's school curriculum may be brainwashing them into a false narrative about Islam?  This is not only occurring in colleges and high schools, but in grades 6 & 7.  Get them while they're young...they are the future.
  • as many as 50 court cases in the United States have been carried out under Sharia law?
  • the Muslim Brother has a plan to overtake the West and is infiltrating our government?  Coincidentally,  Glenn Beck has just produced a documentary on the same subject called "The Project" which aired this week on The Blaze TV. 
Here's a tidbit of information Ms. Gabriel shared last evening:

A security force linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, "The February 17 Brigade", were the people "protecting" the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya the night four American patriots (US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff, Sean Smith, Glen A. Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods) were murdered.  I found more info about that at Atlas Shrugged.

I tried to take notes so that I could share some of what she spoke about in my blog post.  There was so much information that I decided the best way to share it would be to include a video from a lecture Ms.Gabriel gave in 2011.  It includes much of the information she talked about last night.  If you can spare some time, I think you'll find the information interesting and very alarming.

Ms. Gabriel's organization, ACT for America, is doing great work.  Go here to see their mission and some of their success stories from around the country.

I would recommend you check out the website and sign up for the free e-mail alerts.  You can even follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  They have Chapters all across America, so if you are interested in getting involved, there may be a Chapter near you.

I believe we owe Brigitte Gabriel, and ACT For America, a debt of gratitude for the wonderful work they are doing.  The influence of radical Islam and it's infiltration into America and the West is a topic many Americans know nothing about.  Because of the warning call being sent out from Ms. Gabriel and her organization, and the action begin taken by everyday American citizens who have now been made aware of the dangers we face, the leaders on Capitol Hill, and around the country, are getting pressured to acknowledge the problem and begin to take action.  Consider joining ACT For America, get educated and take action.  Every day the problem gets worse.

A few more photos:

Brigitte Gabriel and Kelly Cook (National Field Director of ACT for America)

Ms. Gabriel signed copies of her book, "They Must Be Stopped", after the lecture.
We weren't allowed to take photos during the book signing (snuck this one in from off to the side),
 but I did get to shake Ms. Gabriel's hand
and thank her for the great work she is doing.

There was a surprise appearance by the Empty Chair.
(Seen here with his chauffeur.)

Further information to make your hair stand on end:


  1. thanks for bringing this amazing woman to our attention, tcl. keep up the good fight!

    the school curriculum is a serious problem which a lot of parents have been ignoring. the good news is many of us who were previously not paying attention to what's been happening in our country are waking up and staying awake.

    1. That is so true. Parents must get involved and find out what their children are being taught in school. Thank goodness things are becoming more "transparent" because of people like Brigitte Gabriel and the new media.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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