Thursday, April 26, 2012

UPDATE: Entire Documentary Posted - Rumors of War III Video Highlight - How Badly has the US been Infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood

I've just upgraded my GBTV subscription so that I could watch the latest documentary, "Rumors of War III". Here is a clip from that documentary. It features the Muslim Brotherhood and how it has infiltrated the White House.

This is information we will never hear in the main stream media.  If facts like this aren't enough motivation to remove the current administration, I don't know what is. Show it to your undecided friends.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Daily Beck 2, here is the "Rumors of War III" Documentary in it's entirety.  Please take the time to watch this video and share it.  This is frightening.  For more information, check out The Blaze.


  1. These people are welcome at the White House. CAIR probably has an office there.

    obama IS a muslim activist.

  2. Once we've thoroughly discredited the American Progressive Left and the canon of Political Correctness in the upcoming election, we will be moving on to a serious and honest accounting with Radical Islam. But first we have to get somebody into the White House that doesn't have the Muslim Brotherhood on speed dial.

    1. I just hope it's not too late to turn this all around.

    2. No guarantees. Only the imperative.

  3. There is nothing new about calls for a revival of the Islamic Caliphate hence several post colonial attempts to form a unified state between Egypt, Libya and Syria. That Caliphate would ideally include not only Moslem countries but all territories that had ever been Moslem (Spain, Sicily, the Balkans) and also any territory that currently has a large Moslem population (several large UK towns and parts of cities, as predicted by Enoch Powell, and perhaps American ones also).

    Post 9-11 our former socialist administration attempted to 'reach out' to moderate Moslems and ended up subsidising terrorists. Having said that there are periodic mass terrorist arrests in England but remarkably few prosecutions (and those mainly for 'glorifying terrorism', only recently made a crime).

    Interesting vid, watched in full.


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