Monday, March 12, 2012

WARNING: Offensive Video - Obama's Million Dollar Man

She-PAC has a published a video showing just how hypocritical Obama and the Left are with regard to civility.  The double standard when it comes to Liberals demeaning Conservative Women is blatantly obvious and it's about about time we fight back.

Via:  She-PAC:
March 7, 2012
As recently as March 1st Bill Burton, cofounder of Priorities USA Action SuperPAC, was promoting the views of a donor who referred to women in violent, hateful and derogatory ways. Today, we call on Mr. Burton to follow President Obama's lead and reject this language and messenger. Please see full text of the letter below. 

We know conservative women will fight to change America. 
She-PAC is here to fight for them.


  1. That was a great video that showed the offensiveness of Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other liberals. It is a sad state of affairs when political and comedic figures think its okay to call conservative women such horrible derogatory words.

    1. They think it's OK because IT IS OK as far as the Left and the LSM are concerned. Finally, someone is standing up for the other side.

  2. Teresa, Thanks for the warning ! ;-) I was going to comment I can't watch and that was when I only thought the brain diseased mahr was in it...

    Have a good week TCL

  3. Freedom of speech only applies to liberals.


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