Monday, January 23, 2012

Are Conservatives Using Newt?

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh put out a very interesting theory about why Newt Gingrich is becoming so popular among conservatives.  I decided to share it with you in case you didn't hear Rush's show today and hopefully get some feedback.

I linked to the transcript (below) and will give you a summary.

Newt is a Vessel: He Won South Carolina Because He Articulated Conservatism

Rush's theory is that, it's not that conservatives are choosing Gingrich as their guy, it's that they are sending a message to the "GOP establishment" that they will not let the Republican establishment tell them who their candidate will be.  Conservatives will not have Romney shoved down their throats, so they are voting for a guy who knows how to articulate conservatism.  Hopefully, they (the GOP establishment) will get the message.

What's going on here is the conservative base trying to send a message to the Republican establishment: "You're gonna have to have somebody who's legitimately conservative. That's the only way we're gonna be passionately behind our nominee, and that's the only way we're gonna beat Obama." This is something really big. This is not the voters saying, "We love Newt! Newt's the only guy!" That's not what's going on here. Newt's a vessel right now, and Newt would be wise to understand that, too.
I think Rush makes a good point.  Conservatives are tired of candidates who can not speak clearly about conservatism and sell it to the country.

But Rush warns Newt that if he strays from conservatism, as he has in the past, the whole thing is going to blow up in his face.  Ripping the media will only go so far and will get old, fast.  Newt not only has to "talk the talk", he has to "walk the walk".

I'm just telling you, Juan Williams, John King could have asked the same questions to any other Republican and it woulda sunk 'em, because none of them are willing to articulate conservative. Maybe not Santorum.  Santorum probably coulda hung in there.  Now, this presents a huge stumbling block potential for Newt.  He is vulnerable on the very thing he can do better than anybody else.  He had better fully embrace his conservatism and not make it a part-time thing.  The days of being able to keep this momentum going by ripping on the media are over.  The standing ovations for taking on the media are over, or they have a very short life span.  He can't live on that anymore.  Been there, done that.  It's gonna get old and it's gonna look like it's been set up.  There's not gonna be any drama to it, therefore there's not gonna be all that spontaneous "way to go" standing O stuff, unless it's just outrageous.  You only go to the well so many times on this stuff. 

Newt keeps pushing off any questions on his anti-conservative statements.  And he better not.  I think Newt is just as vulnerable on his anti-conservatism as Romney is on Romneycare.  "What do you mean by that, Rush?"  Very simple.  Newt has made it plain two or three times that he's very open to the concept of manmade global warming.  He can blow this by sitting on the couch with Pelosi again or something that is equivalent.  Newt has in the past had some unflattering things to say about capitalism.  His time at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a vulnerability. Saying that FDR is the best president, his favorite president, that doesn't jibe with being a conservative.  His open support for single payer health insurance with a mandate.  I'm just telling you, Newt's not out of the woods here.  And Newt and his crew had better understand that he's where he is not just because of a media smackdown, not just because of debates.  He's articulating conservatism when he does this stuff, and if he stops doing that or if he waters it down or if he gets caught in an example where people can be convinced he doesn't really believe this stuff...
As far as I'm concerned, Rick Santorum is the most conservative GOP candidate we have to choose from at this time.  On January 31st, I will be sending my message to the GOP establishment by voting for Rick Santorum in the Florida Primary.  The question is...will they eventually get the message?

What do you think about Rush's theory?


  1. I realize this is biased, but the quotes are true.

    This isn't the first time that someone on Santorum's staff has said something that is out of the mainstream and borders on bigotry and sexism. In Iowa someone sent out an email saying that women can't be president because it goes against God.

    Sorry, I can't support someone who has surrounded himself with people who hold these types of views.

    This is no different than Ron Paul closing his eyes to the people around him that are racist.

  2. I like Santorum, too, and hopes that he gets some momentum.

    Not a fan of Newt's at all and don't think he's a conservative (not a constitutional conservative, as we are). He's talking this way because he wants to win the nom. Is being used or using? Either way, I'm no Newt fan.

  3. JACG:
    I've never heard of Rev. Dozier, but according to this article in the Free Republic, he was a supporter of Allen West and "vigorously" campaigned for him.

    I remember you were a supporter of Rep. West. What's the difference?

  4. FS:

    Tonight's NBC debate was a joke, but when Santorum had a chance to speak, he did very well.

  5. Exactly. My hope is that (if Newt is going to be the guy) in every decision he makes (including all openings of his mouth) he considers his legacy...does he want to be considered like Reagan, or like Nixon. One of them was very smart.

  6. Now that I know that I won't support Allen West.

    That type of bigotry has no place in our politics. None.

  7. JACG:
    At least you are consistent and I respect that.

  8. Odie:

    They better not underestimate the Tea Party and/or the conservatives this time around.

  9. Newt won SC because he exposed the Democrat media and stripped John King (simply a representative of same) down to his shorts and gave him no quarter for the disgusting attempt to capitalize on some soap opera garbage put out by ABC.

    Conservative? Yea, he better or we get obama for another 4. I personally don't believe Romney will draw out enough people to vote the same reason McCain did not draw them out. Romney is a flip-flopper and provides no excitement. He certainly won't get the young vote with his 1% status.

    So yea, Newt had better start talking believably about the things that get conservatives excited, which starts with repealing the truly evil obamacare, and heads down toward at least starting to dismantle the communist machine in America that has been assembled starting with LBJ. Dept of Education for sure.

    Else I really think people aren't going to come out in enough force to overcome all the usual suspects which are: The Blacks, Union Members, Those on the dole - 100% of those on the dole, the dead voters, the double, triple, etc voters, acorn and all that. This is no cakewalk, even if most people are not happy with obama.

    The Democrat media are not the state run media -what happens if the Republicans gain power? Are they still the state run media? What will Rush call them then. Rush should be smarter than this which really makes me wonder about him.

  10. Rick Santorum has proven to be the consistent conservative in this GOP race. I'm happy to hear that you will be voting for him, TCL. I think Rush made some good points. People are going to feel betrayed if Newt strays from conservative principles like he has in the past.

    It seems to me that people are overreacting to what Rev. O'Neal Dozier said. I'm sure God loves gays as persons but I am also positive that he despises their homosexuality or the homosexual act. That is one thing he said. Plus, he has read the Mormon book and quotes why he thinks blacks won't vote for Romney. People need to think critically before crying racism or bigotry.

  11. Kid:
    The media is never on the side of the Republicans. If a Republican gets in, the media will hate them just the same.

  12. Teresa:
    Before jacg mentioned Rev. Dozier, I had never heard of him. I don't think Rev. D. speaks for God when he says the "vomit comment". Anyway, it looks like Rick Santorum speaking at Rev. Dozier's church is helping him with the black community. Here's an article from Red State:

  13. I agree that God most likely wouldn't state or agree with the "vomit comment". I didn't agree with how the Rev. spoke but I understood his underlying message wasn't bigoted or racist.

  14. I think Newt is the dems worst nightmare, because they know he'd wipe the floor w/ obummer.
    This is why the last debate w/ brian williams, they didn't allow applause or would be obvious that people love what Newt has to say.

    At this point, I"m waiting to see what happens by the primary comes to my state. THen in November, we all have to vote the (R), no matter what.

  15. Bunni, Didn't allow applause? Why do the repub debates put up with that? The dems wouldn't even debate outside of their own democrat media venue, let alone have terms dictated!

    They should have told williams and his network to go to hell. No terms. Jumpin Catfish.

    repubs aren't going to win elections playing the fool, let alone not having a real candidate.

  16. Didn't Allow Applause....

    in America?

    (Insert every filthy word or phrase you've ever heard here.)

  17. Sorry, I'm beside myself here. Didn't allow applause.... I'd have walked off after screaming that everyone else should leave including the candidates. wtf?

  18. Bunni & Kid:
    The CNN debate tomorrow night supposedly will allow the audience to respond to the candidates.
    Kid, you're right about the GOP allowing the media to dictate the terms of the debate. I don't know why they even go on those networks in the first place. I guess they don't want to be criticized as being afraid and/or think they need the exposure.
    I think the GOP is naive in their thinking that the liberals are at all "fair and balanced".

  19. TCL, yea, maybe it's a necessity at present. We need a lot more Newt kind of talk shining the light on the Democrat media.

    To Republican: What's the square root of the economical quotient to arrive a 4% unemployment number taking into account the random polymonial factors?

    To Obama: Golly Gosh, what's you favorite color? BTW - Your IQ must be out of this world, and I'm not even going to ask. Yes, I'll bet there Will be 57 states by the time your through!

  20. In Reply to Just a conservative girl, I respect your views on Neal Dozier as you are entitled but bear in mind that the lame stream media is huge on distraction.

    Rick Santorum did a sermon at the church in which Neal Dozier is the pastor, i.e., Worldwide Christian Center. The media reports that the church is mostly a Black church, although the church maintains a diverse congregation.

    Rather than report on the success of Santorum's sermon, the lame stream media chose to attack Dozier thereby downplaying Sunday's sermon, Santorum's success and the standing ovation.

    See, Santorum kicks off Florida campaign at predominantly black church, receives standing ovation.
    and video excerpt:

    Even stranger is that the Republican establshment is not reporting Santorum's outreach and success as well.

    It's about manipulating the masses nudging us in the direction in which they want us to go.

  21. Newt is evil...Romney is evil...When you vote for the lesser of the two evils, you are still voting for evil.

    My vote is for Rick. The most conservative and the most honest.

  22. I'd love to have a say in who our nominee is, but since I vote in Illinois, the nominee will have been chosen already, and I can either rubber stamp them or not.

    Newt's toast, he'll step in it sooner or later, and Romney's money and manpower will simply mop up after Newt's debacle (however it manifests itself).

    Thank you, all you Iowa rubes, hayseeds and hicks for eliminating my choice, Michele Bachmann.

  23. Fredd, I'm with you all the way on Michele. I hate to tell you tho, Romney is not electable, the same way McLame wasn't electable. "Mark this post:)"

  24. I do not reside in Florida and suspect that Floridians are feeling a lot of pressure.

    While the GOP elites whom I believe are also Progressives are trying like heck to manipulate Romney into place as the right wing candidate, he is not. Republican voters can see through this tactic just as we can see through Romney.

    Gingrich is Conservative today but when will he go rogue?

    If I were voting in Florida, my vote would go to Santorum and yes, Limbaugh's assessment is dead on but the establishment elites on the right to their detriment are refusing to acknowledge it. Not to worry, eventually, they'll get the message.

  25. I wish West would run girl..sigh.........Have a great week my friend!:-)

  26. I'd say Sanatorium and Paul are much more conservative than either Newt or Romney.

  27. Those in the know, are shooting for a brokered convention--then we will have to fight HARD for a conservative to nominate, then the Tea Party will have to throw it's weight around forcibly. Maybe bring back Bachmann or some real conservative.


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