Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Travis AFB Says "NO" to Secular Group MRFF

Photo:  Travis AFB

Kudos to the Travis Air Force Base in California.  They stood up and said "NO" to the same group who stopped the Air Force Academy from promoting Operation Christmas Child back in November.

Via:  The New American.com

Calif. Air Force Base Stands up to Secularists over Nativity Display

Officials at Travis Air Force Base in California decided days before Christmas that the nativity scene and menorah gracing the grounds of the military facility would stay, in spite of demands from a secular group that they must be removed. A secular grievance group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) had threatened to file a lawsuit against the Air Force base unless the Judeo-Christian display, located in a high-traffic area of the base, was relocated to the base’s chapel grounds. A spokesman for the base said that the display has been a tradition for the past 17 years, with no complaints until this year’s assault by the MRFF.


  1. I really think these are muslim/communist/atheist activists or morons with too much time on their hands trying for their 15 minutes.

    They offend me with their bleating so maybe they should be sued

  2. I don't know who these people are, but I'm happy that someone has finally stood up to them. That's the problem with being so "politically correct". People are so afraid of offending others that they give up their own rights.

  3. It seems like all these Communist/atheist nutjobs know how to do is complain and cause trouble. It is great that this Air Force Base stood up to the "anything but God is OK" goons. God Bless em'.

  4. The athiest fun haters seem to have given up in England this year TCL. The only examples I've seen in the press have been "Scrooge Council tried to ban our Xmas" which turned out to be bosses telling staff that it is not a good idea to wrap tinsel around computer terminals and towers, and they are right, it is not!

  5. Teresa:
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. These people make the most noise and seem to be able to intimidate others into giving them their way. Good for Travis AFB and I hope this becomes a trend of pushing back at them.

  6. banned:
    That's good news for you. Just seems to be getting worse around here.

  7. Sounds like the Air Force got one right!


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