Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Laws 2012

Along with a presidential campaign that is THE most important in recent history, 2012 will bring along some new laws across America that may affect you.

For example...ring out "happy hour specials" in Utah and ring in a new "rainbow" curriculum in California.  If you live in Illinois and ride a motorcycle, there's a new perk for you  (Obama won't have to worry about that.).

Check out the article below and The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) website for a list of some of the almost 40,000 new laws going into effect across America sometime in 2012.


No More Happy Hour in Utah?  New State Laws Set to Ring in 2012

From laws banning happy hour in Utah and shark fin sales in Oregon to tougher voter identification requirements in at least four states, a wide range of new legislation is set to ring in the new year.
According to The National Conference of State Legislatures, which earlier this week issued its annual list of new laws, the legislation will cover education, drug and alcohol policy, criminal justice and human trafficking, among other areas. 
In some cases, the laws could add to the cost of doing business. Other new rules will regulate what Americans eat and drink.  Read more...


  1. I use to have Shark Fin soup in Mexico many years ago. I have little love for the sharks in the oceans or the predators in our american forest. I'm an ole country boy and from the time when these beautiful but dangerous critters were not protected----just my thoughts and they will not fit well with city dwellers.

  2. Blimey, at least we can always blame the evil EU for the tens of thousands of new laws and regulations foisted upon us, you can only blame yourselves.

  3. I saw some good stuff in there. Child Rape sentences for one.

    I'm waiting for a law that requires lawyers to pay hospital time and materials plus a hassle fee for any frivolous medically bases lawsuits that they lose.

    That would solve the HC cost 'problem' in America all by itself.

  4. PS - Add doctors or any health care professional to the list.

  5. They should make a law to throw all democRATS in prison for life, starting with the grifter on down.

    Happy New Year, TCL.

  6. The idea that new laws are going to "fix us" is an idea that doesn't work. In fact, typically the more laws there are, the more freedom is eroded. **sigh**


    Happy New Year, Conservative Lady.

  7. Always On Watch,

    Yes and no. While I agree in principle I sometimes disagree in the specifics. What is it they say? Legislating the divine only increases sinning? Or some such. And yet, not punishing or disfavoring some behavior leads to really bad things too. I am sure there is a balance in there if I am sure we, Americans, people anywhere, will never quite find it.

    Happy New Year. Late but... It's my m.o.

  8. Repeal the new laws.

    Happy New Year, TCL! Wishing you blessings all year round.

  9. One addendum. I live in Utah by the way.

    As to the ending of happy hour, and considering the steep penalties in any state for drinking and driving? I do what any proper true liberal/libertarian would do, metaphorically. I... roll my own! Right here at home. It's also cheaper, if the 'waitress' is ugly as sin.

    (I love it when the wordcheck thing matches the topic... rucereen... r u cereen? why yes, thank you, and I'll have another.)


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