Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So, It's the GOP's Fault?

Via: HotAir.com

Fast and Furious: Holder says GOP House kept law enforcement “in the dark”

Eric Holder delivered his remarks as prepared at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about Fast and Furious today. That means he not only called for tighter gun control regulations — he also accused the House of Representatives of keeping law enforcement in the dark “when individuals purchase multiple semi-automatic rifles and shotguns in Southwest border gun shops.”  Read more...
 We knew this was all about gun control.


  1. Obama had been quoted as telling a supporter who asked him about gun control that something was in the works. They just needed to be patient.

    Sorry, Bozos. It's going to take a bit more than that to pull a fast one on the American People.

  2. Mister Holder, it's none of your business who buys a semi-auto rifle or a shotgun, you ass-hat!

  3. Hi Opie:
    Obama will probably do some kind of an Executive Order if he can pull it off. I don't put anything past this guy.

  4. Hi Odie:
    It doesn't matter whether it's their business or not. This administration wants to run our lives. The Constitution means nothing as far as they're concerned...of course, unless it's something that favors their side.

  5. Let Obama pull another executive order that chaffes the public, in Jan 2013, President Cain will nullify it.

  6. Hi Fredd:
    I hope all of Obama's executive orders get nullified by our next President.

  7. Shocka !

    On the bright side, maybe they're waiting to prosecute holder so oblabber can't give him a presidential pardon...

  8. They must disarm the PEOPLE first!

    Add This--
    To this:

    When They Cry Wolf

    A must read!

  9. This administration has been one continued power play after another since the beginning. They aren't for the American people but want to run every aspect of our lives. Gun control and limiting the second amendment was their end game with this Fast & Furious scheme. Now this admin has blood on their hands. Its so sickening and despicable. I wish we could turn Holder and Obama over to Mexico so they could punish them properly for their crimes.

  10. TSWS:
    Scary stuff.
    Newt Gingrich has spoken against Agenda 21. Here's a link:

  11. Teresa:
    Imagine if Obama gets 4 more years!!!

  12. Read my spin on these two stories put together.

  13. CL, Newt is a CFR-er. If he was wronged he might want to throw a monkey wrench in the mix. That's what GW did until the end of his term; then gave in for some shady tarp stuff. Newt may give in under intimidation-we'll see.

  14. TSWS:
    Help me here...I think I'm "pulling a Perry" (brain freeze). What's a CFR-er?

  15. Council of Foreign Relations--stories go that they pick all the Presidents Cabinet Members and other Administrations Counsel Members. Even Tom Brokaw (ABC) is a CFR.
    The story goes that there are some of these Basement Gov (shadow gov) types that do not want to see this Country fall from greatness, maybe Newt has had a change of heart-or biting his tongue waiting just for this moment. But they do have a fight (psychological, philosophical) on their hands with the elitist CFR, Skull and Bones, and other secret good ole boys clubs--from both parties-hence the campaign laws to keep out 3rd parties.
    The elitist did not like Reagan or Jesse Ventura. Ross Perot slipped by (like Reagan, had public support), that's how Jesse Ventura got by also.


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