Monday, September 5, 2011

Hoffa Wishes Tea Party a Happy Labor Day


  1. I did some commentary on this and gave you a hat tip for your video which includes a little more than I got.

    Unreal, ain't it? But not unexpected, I suppose.

  2. He needs to go & visit with his Dad.

  3. Lady, since you are a Lady, I apologize ahead of time for what I'm about to say.

    I was in a union for 30 years Huffa ... Bring it on you prick!

  4. Hi Sol:
    Thanks for the h/t.
    It was perfectly fitting that a thug like Mr. Hoffa introduce Pres. Obama with such flare. It really set the tone for what we are up against in the coming months.

  5. Hi Gorges:
    Absolutely as "eloquent" as can be expected from a man of Mr. Hoffa's stature. Can you say "low life"?

  6. Rhino:
    I wouldn't go that far. I think it's great that we have Mr. Hoffa out there showing us the kind of people supporting President Obama.

  7. Odie:
    No apology required.
    Mr. Hoffa can threaten the Tea Party and call them names, but he is nothing but a little man with a big mouth. I hope Obama puts him out there before all of his speeches to make these types of remarks. The more people hear introductions like this, the more they'll realize what a bunch of thugs these people really are.

  8. This is gangsta politics. This type of inflammatory rhetoric is going to turn a number of voters off so I say let them keep on talking like this and seal their own fate at election time. These inflammatory clips could be used in an ad at election time to show how extreme the Left is.

  9. oblabber comes out and says what a great job they're doing a couple seconds later.

    Lack of respect for any legitimate group of people in America is as Non-American as you can get.

    All the stimulus has gone to the unions. Trillion and a half maybe and the bastards still want more. That's money taken right from our pockets.

    They are working hard to divide on all levels and groups within society.

    I maybe use the word hate once every 10 years or so - I hate this CSer union whore puppet.

    How can anyone support this? Liberal education, dependent on the IV drip of food stamps and forever unemployment checks, union I guess. Though there certainly plenty of people n the unions who don't.

    I sure wish the election was tomorrow.

  10. Meanwhile the 88% of working Americans who are not part of labor unions are shacking our heads.

  11. Teresa:
    I'm with you. Let them keep on spewing their hateful rhetoric and people will see who they really are.

  12. Kid:
    I think you just wrote your next post. Bravo!

  13. Trestin:
    That's what we must remember...they are the minority.


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