Monday, May 2, 2011

WikiLeaks: OBL Protected by Pakistan

While America was asking...
Graphic by shortbusclothing
...Pakistan Security knew all along.

According to the The Telegraph:

WikiLeaks: Osama bin Laden 'protected' by Pakistani security 

Pakistani security forces allegedly helped Osama bin Laden evade American troops for almost 10 years, according to secret US government files.


American diplomats were told that one of the key reasons why they had failed to find bin Laden was that Pakistan’s security services tipped him off whenever US troops approached.
Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISID) also allegedly smuggled al-Qaeda terrorists through airport security to help them avoid capture and sent a unit into Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban.
The claims, made in leaked US government files obtained by Wikileaks, will add to questions over Pakistan’s capacity to fight al-Qaeda.   Read more...

How much money have we given to Pakistan?

H/T Atlas Shrugs

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