Sunday, May 15, 2011

Obama To Speak As Egypt's 'New Democracy' Swells With Hate

Looks like President Obama has decided to grace the world with another big Middle East Policy Speech, this time in the wake of Egypt's revolution and new "democracy", not to mention the rest of the uprisings in that area of the world.  (Here's a link in case you missed the last speech in 2009.)

The Daily Caller reports:
Cairo, take two: President Obama to deliver second major Middle East speech
The president will deliver a second major speech on the Middle East to reset his foreign policy following the changes that have swept through the region since his much-lauded June 2009 Cairo speech.
The contents of the planned Thursday speech are being closely held by administration officials, who only offer generalities, both off and on the record. “I’m sure that it will be a fairly sweeping and comprehensive speech about what we’ve all been privileged enough to witness since January,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday. “I’m not going to say too much because I obviously want the president to have the field,” he added.

Meanwhile, over in Egypt...

Media Amnesia: One Week Before His Renewed Muslim Outreach Why Has No One Reported Obamas Massive Egyptian "Spring" Misread

Egypt’s liberals worry about loss of clout as Muslim Brotherhood rises

'Egyptians united against Israel' 

Muslim Brotherhood Runs for President?

Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Run for President of Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-Semitism isn’t just bad for Israel. It’s also bad for Egypt.

-Poll: Majority of Egyptians Want to Scrap peace Treaty with Israel

Egypt Front-Runner Seeks Israel Reset

Egypt revolution followed by conflict between Christians and Muslims

A Majority Of Egyptians Want To Institute Islamic Law And Cancel The Peace Treaty With Israel

That was just a few headlines giving us a feel for what Jay Carney said in his comments about Obama's upcoming speech..."what we’ve all been privileged enough to witness since January".

And then there's an article from the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning, where the Truth-O-Meter made a determination on a statement made by Glenn Beck:

The Muslim Brotherhood has "openly stated they want to declare war on Israel."

Glenn Beck on Friday, February 4th, 2011 in a comment on his television show

Glenn Beck says Muslim Brotherhood wants to declare war on Israel

 So some members of the Muslim Brotherhood may be calling for war. But the ones who say that don’t speak for the group; and the ones who do speak for the group, don’t say that. We rate Beck’s claim False.

I think the Truth-O-Meter needs a tune up.

The outcome of the Egyptian revolution and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is not surprising to most of us.  We've blogged on it, read about the warnings, heard the talking heads and listened to Glenn Beck make his predictions.  TCL has posted on the Muslim Brotherhood, here, here and here.  I can't imagine what Obama is going to say in his speech on Thursday that will change the hearts and minds of those in the Middle East that want to destroy America and Israel...not even a little bit.  The people in charge there now don't want to hear it.

Pray for Israel.  
They are surrounded by hate.
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