Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joe's In Charge

I'm off to the NASCAR races again.  This time to Talladega, AL.

Joe's in charge of the blog while I'm away.  I couldn't think of a better guy to watch the place while I'm gone.  Remember, Obama said, "Nobody messes with Joe.".  Who better to watch the blog than Joe?

Joe's always on the ball.  Can you see how interested he is in what Obama had to say today about his new budget?  Not only that, Joe's the guy in charge of negotiating Obama's new 2012 Budget.
And in early May, the Vice President will begin regular meetings with leaders in both parties with the aim of reaching a final agreement on a plan to reduce the deficit by the end of June.
I feel so much better now.


  1. Well it looks like Joe can't mess it up while you're gone. Have fun Lady!

  2. Trestin:
    Comic relief for Obama. We need something to laugh at.

  3. Odie:
    Thanks. We finally arrived in Birmingham. TCGuy drove for 11 hours. It's good to finally get here and now we're enjoying a cocktail.

  4. I caught a race in 'Dega a few years ago. Great race! And if the race gets boring, you can always people watch. :)

    PS I'm from Georgia. We're required by law to pick on Alabama. Have a safe and good time TLC!!!

  5. Jake:
    Thanks. We are hoping the weather gets better for Saturday & Sunday.

  6. The movie: "Talladega Nights" is a classic. I think that I'd like to go there not just for the racing but to chuckle as I recalled the movie.

    Poor old senile Joe (Slow Joe) Biden is really like a character out of a parody like Talladega Nights. Nobody could make him up. If you tried everyone would say that the media would butcher him and force him from office... oh, not in the present regime.

    Have fun at the races!

  7. LL:
    Joe is kept around for comic relief from the travesty of the Obama Administration.
    Thanks for the good wishes. We are having a great time.


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