Thursday, March 24, 2011

US Foreign Aid Needs Some Scrutiny

Article from  Fox

Did Qaddafi Deserve U.S. Funding? Foreign Aid Under Scrutiny Amid Mideast Unrest

By William La Jeunesse

While President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi a threat to his own people, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi's military to $1.7 million
According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force, secure its borders and to counter terrorism. 
If this seems contradictory, welcome to the world of U.S. foreign aid, where billions of tax dollars go to people we don't like and nations some say don't need the help. The latest unrest has drawn renewed scrutiny to these policies. 
"It's certainly not wise or smart to give American aid to countries like Libya where the ruling class use it against their own people," said Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and is sponsoring a bill that would rein in foreign aid.   Read more...
 Check out what America proposes to give other countries in Foreign Aid at this link.


  1. sickening how much we dole out CL and hussein O still apologizes for America everywhere he goes..arg!

  2. I think that countries who expect us to give them money ought to be required to pass a test: Three years of pro-American policies and rhetoric before you get a dime. And a no tolerance mandate if not maintained.

  3. Kris:
    We've been doing this for years. We can only pray that the bill Rep. Poe is sponsoring can put a rein on this questionable spending.

  4. The Liberals are on a mission to destroy America.
    We need to take America back from these people and try Obama for treason. I'm sick and tired of hearing Obama apologizing to the rest of the world for America. Lets face it, if it wasn't for America, where would a lot of these countries be today. This man thinks and acts as if he is above the law along with Pelosi,Ried and all of the others are doing to our country.. He has all but trashed our Constitution and enough is enough.

  5. Observer:
    Well said and I could not agree with you more. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll be back.

  6. Me thinks we need a change at the top.

  7. Odie:
    Ya think? And it couldn't come too soon.

  8. just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi's military to $1.7 million

    Yet another inconsistency from the Obama administration.


    we consider that the Obama administration is all about NOT looking out for America's interests.

  9. AOW:
    Looks like America has been giving money to countries that don't really like us much for many years. I'm so confused, my head is about to explode. But as for the Obama Administration not looking out for the best interests of America...I agree. I think he thinks America is a country that must be brought to it's knees for being a great country for so many years. Isn't that sad?

  10. We still have money for foreign aid? Maybe it would simplify matters if these folks would go directly to China for the cash. Cut out the middle man.

  11. So, we funded the guy before we engaged in a kinetic military action? Where does that sound familiar?

  12. Matt:
    Hmmm...are you referring to Iraq?
    Now, now, Matt, we were at "war" with Iraq. Obama says this isn't a "war" with Libya, it's (as you said) "kinetic military action".

  13. This is so backwards! The U.S. is giving foreign aid to those countries who hate us and want to harm us. Congress needs to stop authorizing foreign aid to countries as a group. I hope that Rep. Poe's bill is passed so we are able to reign in this unnecessary spending.

  14. Teresa:
    Amazing how much money we borrow to give away to other countries.

  15. Government funded foreign aid without a balanced budget is reprehensible.

  16. Hi Trestin:
    Dems & Repubs are guilty of this. So much money going to Middle Eastern countries that hate our guts and want to kill us, is a travesty.


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