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Gov. Walker's Labor Bill Could Go Down The Drain on April 5 - How We Can Help Save It

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It looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his labor bill  have another hurdle to jump.  The Other McCain (and you must go there to see the post and the video) has a link to an article by John Nolte at Big Government that laid out the entire situation.  It turns out that all of the hard work that Gov. Walker and the Republicans accomplished may go up in smoke after the April 5th election for a seat on Wisconsin's State Supreme Court.  According to the article:
Based on an absurd procedural technicality, a left-wing judge in Madison has already halted the collective bargaining portion of Governor Walker’s bill from being put into law and an appeals court has already passed on making a ruling and kicked it up to the State Supreme Court. And this is just the beginning of judicial meddling and overreach into legislative matters that — unlike forcing the American people to purchase something — has no constitutional issue that requires any sort of adjudication.
The Left’s firewall, as it always is with leftists unable to win at the voting booth, is the courts. And on April 5th, State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is up for re-election. Prosser is a reliable 4 to 3 tie-breaking vote in favor of judicial restraint on a court that’s just one vote away from exploding into a frenzy of left-wing judicial activism. The one vote on the horizon willing to overturn every piece of Walker’s agenda — including the end of collective bargaining reform —  is Joanne Kloppenburg, Prosser’s left-wing opponent.
If the court flips on April 5th, if Kloppenburg prevails in the upcoming election, every aspect of Governor Walker’s agenda is DOA. Everything he and the legislature passes will ultimately be overturned by the State Supreme Court and the status quo, including this unbelievably corrupt partnership between public unions and elected Democrats, will remain firmly in place for generations to come.
Ms. Kloppenburg is married to a UW-Madison professor who has publicly opposed Walker’s collective bargaining reforms.  She has said that if she is elected she will not recuse herself from hearing the case.  Kloppenburg also has the unions supporting her (no surprise) and a group called the Greater Wisconsin Committee who is paying for a smear ad against Supreme Court Justice Prosser.
The Supreme Court race’s nuclear bomb gets dropped: A Democratic-leaning pressure group, the Greater Wisconsin Committee – it’s where [former Democrat] Gov. Jim Doyle sent a lot of his leftover cash upon retirement – runs an TV ad ripping Justice David Prosser over a child sexual abuse case he dealt with while a prosecutor in 1979.
The ad insinuates that Prosser shielded from prosecution a Catholic priest who tried touching two boys inappropriately. The case is not new news, but the group hoping to oust Prosser from the court is plainly hoping some of the abusive priest’s infamy rubs off on the incumbent.
The inconvenient part, however, is that one of the victims has spoken out – against the ad. Troy J. Merryfield Friday released a letter saying he found the ad “offensive, inaccurate and out of context. I hope that organization,” he wrote of the Greater Wisconsin Committee, “will remove the ad.”

Kloppenburg refuses to denounce the ad and ask that it be removed, even after Mr. Merryfield's request.  Of course not.  She didn't do it and it helps her.  The truth doesn't matter. This should tell the people of Wisconsin what kind of person she is.

In November the people of Wisconsin voted and they voted overwhelmingly for Republicans.  The April 5th election may make that all for naught.

What are the Stakes?
Nothing less than democracy. Will four Robed Masters rule Wisconsin or will the representatives elected by the people of the state be allowed to govern?

The article gives everyone, even people who are not from Wisconsin, some advice on how to help:

What You Can Do
If you live in Wisconsin or if you know anyone who does, make sure Tuesday April 5th is circled in red on the calendar. Vote. Vote. Vote.
In the meantime, you can volunteer.
And you don’t have to live in Wisconsin. Get engaged on Twitter. Get engaged on Facebook. Anyone, anywhere can be an activist today using social media.
Start here with Justice David Prosser’s campaign site and Facebook page.
What you can’t do is nothing.


  1. April 5 = D-Day in the next Battle of Wisconsin.

    Gear up.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. My God, will it ever end? The libs are going to go kicking and screaming. Then it will get really dirty.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I will help out on Twitter.

  4. we sure do need to gear up! have a great weekend..what's left of it!:)

  5. Odie:
    The first complaint was that they didn't give enough warning that there was going to be a vote. I wonder if they could just have another vote and it would settle the whole thing???


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