Thursday, February 10, 2011

UPDATE: VIDEO - Liberals, Communists, Socialists, Muslim Brotherhood, Google...All In The Mix

CAIRO, EGYPT - FEBRUARY 08:  Google marketing ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

 Photo of Wael Ghonim (Google Executive)

I don't usually like to give the New York Times a hat tip, but this article is very important to understand how the situation in Egypt all got started.

Report from the New York Times:

Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt   


CAIRO — They were born roughly around the time that President Hosni Mubarak first came to power, most earned degrees from their country’s top universities and all have spent their adult lives bridling at the restrictions of the Egyptian police state — some undergoing repeated arrests and torture for the cause.

They are the young professionals, mostly doctors and lawyers, who touched off and then guided the revolt shaking Egypt, members of the Facebook generation who have remained mostly faceless — very deliberately so, given the threat of arrest or abduction by the secret police.

UPDATE 2/10 8:34 PM: Video of Glenn Beck commenting on the above article and the situation in Egypt.

Video via:  TheDailyBeck2


  1. Happy Birthday, Professor Glenn Beck.

  2. Ah, but it's still a waiting game to see who will rise from the dust.

  3. Larry:
    People blow off what Beck says, but it seems he's on to something.

  4. Odie:
    That's the biggest questions, but I fear the answer isn't going to be good.

  5. The latent sarcasm was directed at the times for its gift to Mr. Beck.

  6. Larry:
    I knew what you meant. I was just making a general statement about people who think Glenn is a nut or a scare monger.
    Heck of a birthday gift, though. Being right doesn't always make a person happy.

  7. It doesn't matter who starts it. It matters who finishes it. A well-meaning group can light a fire that can end up in utter destruction. I pray that Egypt will end up freer and more safe than before.

  8. Opie:
    It doesn't look like a "well meaning" group started this mess. The people who are sincere in wanting freedom may be victims of those who are "well organized" like the Muslim Brotherhood. The young Christian psychiatrist thinks the Muslim Brotherhood likes her. And even though she knows they have an "hidden agenda", she is willing to go along with them. How stupid is she?

  9. Too many parallels are being drawn with Iran, there are no burning effigies of Uncle Sam or the Union Flag, there is little evidence of the revolution being "Communist", Islamic based, indeed the Moslem Brotherhood are playing no more than a supporting role probably because they know that they are not strong enough to lead it.

    I see far more parallels with standard 19th century revolutions of the European model which were caused by two things; an increased level of education and an unwillingness of regimes to share out the goodies with populations that were increasingly aware of what they were missing out on.

    What a fool that Mubarak is, how could he think that appointing his torturer-In-chief as VP was going to placate an angry population?

    We can ignore the Irish-Egyptian Coptic feminist who must have taken some finding in Egypt but whose like are two a penny in liberal circles in the west.

    The USA, UK and the west in general should embrace and encourage the Egytian Revolution and when the Karensky figure emerges give him our full support in every way possible in the hopes that a 'liberal' Democracy emerges rather than being hijacked by a Lenin or a Khomeni.

    Every country deserves democracy even if sometimes they elect the 'enemy' as with Hamas in Gaza and even then they deserve a second chance as with the Germans who democratically elected Hitler and the Nazis to power the first time round.

  10. Hi banned:
    You're right, everyone has the right to be free and a democracy would be the best of all results. It's up to the Egyptians to decide who they want to lead their government. Hopefully a government that will keep the peace in the Middle East, for their own sake and for the sake of the rest of the world.


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