Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here's A Game For You: The Budget Puzzle

Did you watch President Obama's press conference today.  Didn't think so.  Anyway...here's a fun? puzzle that was published in the New York Times for your amusement.  Well, maybe not your amusement, but for your information.

Click on the Budget Puzzle link below and check it out.  Maybe you can fix the mess that we're in because our leaders sure aren't up to the task.

Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

Today, you’re in charge of the nation’s finances. Some of your options have more short-term savings and some have more long-term savings. When you have closed the budget gaps for both 2015 and 2030, you are done. Make your own plan, then share it online.

New York Times Budget Puzzle


  1. Start with 25% across the board cuts from the 2008 budget.

  2. did u hear Hussein O's speech about this..help! Have a great rest of the day~!:)

  3. Obama's budget cuts aren't really budget cuts at all. He just wants to create the illusion that they are.


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