Monday, January 24, 2011

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and the Senate Tea Party Caucus

Marco Rubio, Florida Republican & former speak...
I am a supporter Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), voted for him and wish him the best of luck in his new job.  He was backed by the Tea Party movement and he owes them big time for standing by him when the Republican Party would not.

There has been some controversy over his hesitation in joining the Senate Tea Party Caucus.  Well, it seems Senator Rubio has decided not to join the caucus and today I saw a video of Rubio explaining his thoughts on the matter:

The Shark Tank  reports:

Senator Rubio Questions Need for the Senate Tea Party Caucus (VIDEO) (by Javier Manjarres)

” Why do we need something in addition to the steering committee?…My concern is that politicians all of a sudden start co-opting the mantle of “Tea Party”. If all of a sudden being in the Tea Party is not something that is happening in Main Street, but rather something that’s happening in Washington D.C., the “Tea Party” all of a sudden becomes some sort of movement run by politicians…it’s gonna lose its effectiveness and I’m concerned about that.  I think that the real power of the Tea Party comes from its ability to drive the debate and the issues from the grassroots up, as opposed to from the politicians down.”- Senator Marco Rubio
I certainly think it is Senator Rubio's prerogative not to join the Senate Tea Party Caucus.  He makes a good point about politicians co-opting the "mantle of 'Tea Party'".  His decision not to join the caucus should not be taken as a sign that he is stabbing the Tea Party in the back...oops...the hate speech police are going to get me for that one.  If he sincerely believes what he says in this video, then I can understand his decision.

I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt (and  hope that I don't have to eat my words) that he is a man of his word.

What I expect to see from Senator Rubio is a leader who keeps his promises to his supporters.  If Senator Rubio works toward accomplishing his Ideas to Reclaim America , is a man who remains true to his conservative principles and has the integrity and strength to resist being co-opted by the Washington elites, then as far as I'm concerned the Tea Party movement has nothing to fear.

Actions speak louder than words.  Let's give Senator Rubio a chance to prove himself.  If he strays, then we have reason to complain and then show our displeasure at the voting box.

I'm interested to hear what you have to say about this matter.


  1. I am not a fan of the the Tea party Caucus in either chamber.

    I agree with Marco 100%, the Tea party is the watch dog...not the lap dog.

    Yes, the system must be fixed from the inside, but if he stays by the principles that he campaigned on, then that is exactly what he is doing.

  2. JACG:
    I agree with you. The politicians don't need a "Tea Party Label" to make them effective. They just have to keep to their conservative principles. If they do that, the Tea Party movement will support them.

  3. As a current snowbird in s. Fl, the local papers and people don't seem too upset with him. My feeling is, they trust him.

  4. Rotti:
    I haven't seen anything negative either. Rubio is not the only one who decided to skip the caucus. Pat Toomey isn't joining either.

  5. Lady, you just get so good at this stuff. HEY, I agree with everything he said. I too wanted the TeaParty to stay Grass Roots.

  6. Odie:
    They must stay grassroots. That is what made the movement so powerful and influential.


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