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New Law for 2012 Elibility May Be on The Horizon - UPDATE 2: HI Dems Want to Charge $100 for BHO Birth Records; UPDATE 1: Mike Evans Misspoke

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This is going to be interesting. 

World Net Daily reports:

Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law

Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again

By Bob Unruh
A plan in Arizona to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is approaching critical mass, even though it has just been introduced.
The proposal from state Rep. Judy Burges, who carried a similar plan that fell short last year only because of political maneuvering, was introduced yesterday with 16 members of the state Senate as co-sponsors.
The article also states:
 The proposal, which also is being taken up in a number of other states, is highly specific and directly addresses the questions that have been raised by Barack Obama's occupancy of the White House. It says:
Within ten days after submittal of the names of the candidates, the national political party committee shall submit an affidavit of the presidential candidate in which the presidential candidate states the candidate's citizenship and age and shall append to the affidavit documents that prove that the candidate is a natural born citizen, prove the candidate's age and prove that the candidate meets the residency requirements for President of the United States as prescribed in article II, section 1, Constitution of the United States.
The critical phrases are "natural born citizen" and the requirements of "article II, section 1, Constitution of the United States," which imposes on the president a requirement not demanded of other state and federal officeholders.

Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii governor drops mission to dispel birthers, prove Obama was born in state 

by Aliyah Shahid
Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is giving up on efforts to squash claims that President Barack Obama wasn't born in his state -- but it's not for lack of trying.
State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that it's against state law to release private documents, including an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent

UPDATE 1/26 at 5:07 pm:

Mike Evans, a friend of Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, has retracted his statement that the Governor told him there was "no Obama birth certificate".

Via Fox

Celebrity Journalist: I Never Spoke to Hawaii Gov About Obama Birth Certificate (By Jana Winter)

A celebrity journalist now claims he misspoke when he said last week that Hawaii’s governor told him he was unable to find President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate after a search of state and hospital archives.
Mike Evans told on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Original Report:
Friend says Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie told him there is no Obama birth certificate
Celebrity journalist Mike Evans told Minnesota’s KQRS radio last week that his friend, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, has been unable to find President Barack Obama’s birth certificate despite an intensive search.
Read more:

Could this be the answer?

UPDATE  1/27:


Associated Press   reports:

Hawaii lawmakers want release of Obama birth info (By MARK NIESSE)

HONOLULU – Five Hawaii Democratic representatives want to pass a law making President Barack Obama's birth records public and charge $100 to see them.
The bill, introduced this week, would change a privacy law barring the release of birth records to anyone unless they have a tangible interest.  Read more...


  1. The image of the birth certificate that you show is a well-known forgery, as was the one shown by the convicted felon Lucas Smith.

    Obama was not born in Kenya. He was born in Hawaii, as his official birth certificate from Hawaii shows, and the facts on that birth certificate were confirmed repeatedly by three officials in the former Republican governor's administration.

    The reason that Obama's election was confirmed UNANIMOUSLY by the US Congress is that not one of the 535 members believes that the citizenship of Obama's father has any effect on his Natural Born Citizen status. All US-born US citizens (which Obama was) are Natural Born Citizens. The only kind of US citizen who is not a natural born citizen is a naturalized citizen.

    The draft law in Arizona can be satisfied by simply showing the Certification of Live Birth, which is the OFFICIAL birth certificate of Hawaii and the only one that Hawaii issues. Hawaii has not sent out copies of the long-form original birth certificate since the Certification became the official birth certificate in 2001. It no longer sends out the original, even to people born before 2001.

  2. It breaks no law if Hawaii looks and can't find the Birth Certificate. It's OK to say THERE IS NONE!

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for the comment.
    In case you were wondering, I am not a "birther". I did this post because, to me, it is going to be interesting to see what happens if the states actually pass these 2012 eligibility laws in the midst of all of the controversy over Obama's birth certificate. That's it. Actually, this was the first time I had heard about these proposals being in the works.
    Did you read the link from Hillbuzz with their theory? What did you think of that?
    As for the photo, I never said it was the real deal.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Please, God, let it be that BHO has to show that birth certificate.


    The governor of Hawaii is claiming that he can't find the certificate. Just you watch, the previously released copy will be forced as the substitute. Ugh.

    I'm not convinced that BHO was born out of the United States. Rather, I think that the certificate shows some information that would make Obama lose face.

  5. Odie:
    That whole thing with the Governor of Hawaii is weird. Wonder what all that was about???

  6. This is great news, TCL. Barry will have some 'splaining to do.

    I tend to agree with Hillbuzz as to the REAL reason barry has HID ALL his records!
    I'm sure he'll find a way to wiggle out of any consequences though, unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see.

  7. Hi Bunni:
    I'm sure BHO will be on the ballot in 2012, one way or the other. Unless, of course, Hillary knocks him out of the primary. That won't surprise me because I'm still not convinced she isn't running.

  8. I still suspect that Hillary is still running for president also. A certificate of Live Birth is NOT the same as a birth certificate. Plus, the certificates of Live Birth which were handed out by Hawaii before a certain period of time were also given to those who were naturalized citizens as well. I only say this because when I was transferring my car from one state to another I thought that the certificate of live birth was the same as my long-form birth certificate. This is not so. I had to retrieve my birth certificate from records. I have mixed feelings on this issue.

    I do think that the HI governor put his foot in mouth, though.

  9. Teresa:
    It's called "foot in mouth disease". Of course, unless, it's all a plan by the Obama administration as a distraction from what's really going on in the world.


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