Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Van Jones Plays "Let's Pretend"

Van Jones Reveals Green Strategy is All ‘Pretend’
Via: Breitbart

This video has been around since last week, but I've just seen it for the first time tonight.  When I saw it, I was reminded of another incident of Van Jones using "young folks" when it comes to pushing his "bogus green agenda".  The kids in our country are being used by people like Jones because they are the future.  Their youth makes them vulnerable.

Jones seems to believe that the "ends justify the means".  Lie, cheat, pretend...whatever it takes to get what you want. 

Parents, keep vigilant.


  1. If he would just shut his month, we would have a whole lot less CO2 to contend with. I really hate that commie bastard.

  2. This guy really is scary. he's brilliant, and very convincing. Add to that, that he's a Marxist, and it's a really bad combination.

  3. I'm afraid Van Jones will be a thorn in our side for many years. Like Jessie Jackson, he will keep popping up.

  4. Matt:
    And I bet there are a lot more like him working with the Obama Administration.

  5. Trestin:
    Exactly. At least we have means of exposing him with videos, etc.


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