Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things Are Shrinking

 Scott TP 4.5" to 4.1" - Cranberry Sauce 16 oz to 14 oz

Alright, I know it's toilet paper...stop laughing!  TCGuy actually noticed the TP size, so blame him.

We've all heard about the shrinking groceries back in 2008, but just in the past few weeks I have come across 2 items in my very own pantry which have obviously shrunk in size since the last time I purchased them but the prices are the same.  This prompted me to google "grocery items shrinking".

I found quiet a few links addressing this subject.  Check out Grocery Shrink Ray at The Consumerist.  You may find some items you weren't even aware of that have shrunk in size.

Seems like everything is shrinking (except my waisteline).  Our grocieries are shrinking, our bank books are shrinking, and with the help of Obama and his printing press, our dollar is shrinking.

According to an article on today's, the decision to print 600 Billion dollars to buy US treasure securities is going to shrink the dollar.

Hyperinflation Gets Another Boost from the Federal Reserve 

By Laura Roberts - Writer

On the heels of a massive turnover during the Mid Term Elections, the Federal Reserve is quickly on the move printing up more money. Today, it was announced that the Reserve will spend (print) 600 Billion dollars to purchase US treasury securities to keep interest rates at an all time low. The Reserve's reasoning around this move is that if the banks have more money, they will lend more, thus stimulating the economy.
Ms. Roberts goes on to say:
But let's break it down a bit. When money is being flooded into the market in this manner it drastically lowers the value of the dollar. With each new influx of this "funny money" the value drops further. Eventually, it is taking more of the same dollar for the average person to purchase goods they need in their day to day lives.
Read the entire article here.
See...the toilet paper fit right into this post!
dollar toilet roll
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  1. Hi TCL, I've noticed everything shrinking too, and now they are going to raise all the food prices ALOT!

    I love the consumerist site, been reading it for several years. We have to try and be better shoppers than ever, stock up during sales, clip coupons, know the best stores!

    The past 6 mo. or so I discovered Aldi, really good prices on lots of "gourmet" type things. Love the salad dressings, cappichino, jams, fresh salad mixes, etc. I walked there yesterday, (no car) it was a nice day. about 45 minutes EACH WAY, but worth the trip. I love fall, esp. after Tues nite, and good to get some exercise.

  2. My wife and I have been noticing this for a while. At this rate, in the not too disrant future, we'll be paying top dollar (fo what that's worth) forthimble-sized products! No problem dieting then!

    Hehe, my verification words is: inetable! Spelled wrong, but how appropos? lol

  3. I guess I'm an odd duck; I've been a label reader ever since I was a kid. I've been thinking about writing a post related to your "shrinking" idea. Maybe I should get to it! Good post!

  4. Hi Bunni:
    Our friends have told us about Aldi, but we've never been to one. I have to "google" it to see if there is one close by.
    I found The Consumerist today and will bookmark.

  5. HTBWS:
    I hear that the prices are going to be going up for everything. Start stockpiling. We buy things we can keep in the pantry if they're on sale and don't expire right away. Almost everything has an expiration date on it anymore...even water.

  6. Gorges:
    Sounds like a good idea. The link to "The Consumerist" is a good starting point for information.

  7. I hate when the cookies in the bakery are half the size! there's good news all around the country .so have a fabulous weekend my friend!Smile

  8. It's all about inflation. The cost of goods and services are rising, and smart companies are trying to cut costs without us noticing.

  9. Hi Trestin:
    We noticed anyway. It's going to get worse, unfortunately.

  10. Odie:
    My thoughts exactly. Have a nice weekend.

  11. TCL, I just noticed this the other day. I went to buy chips and the bag was not only smaller but also more expensive. The utter irresponsibility and incompetence of the Federal government printing money must be stopped before the value of the dollar plunges and is worthless. But, maybe, this is what Obama is hoping for - a national crisis, to declare martial law? I hope not but ya never know what these radical Leftists have up their sleeves. Obama is power hungry and I can only speculate he doesn't want to have to step down in 2012.

  12. Teresa:
    The QE2 thing the Feds did the other day will devalue the dollar. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of it, but from what I hear, this is a big risk. If you want to get more depressed, watch Glenn Beck's show from Friday. Ughhh...I needed a drink after that one.
    And now for a cheery note...have a nice weekend.

  13. Conservative Lady - An odd thing, your mentioning the Toilet Tissue Rip-Off. We've always liked Northern, until I noticed that the cardboard tube was suddenly much larger.

    Multiply this little swindle nation-wide, and we have another major corporate fraud!

    Another: Jos. A. Bunk, Men's one, get two free! three day only; followed by a
    70% Off Sale, Hurry! These con-men have stores in 42 states - Whew!

    We had a small, high quality retail furniture store in California for 15 years, competed
    with the big department stores; they ran full-page ads 3 X a week,
    50% Off (major brands, cheapest quality mattresses) zero coils in the box (minus) springs! Ask the dealer to write the coil-count on receipt!

    'Sale & Free' are 4-letter words.

    Quality, the only virtue that assures a bargain. - reb
    ___ ___

  14. Snake Hunters:
    I liked the "Jos. A. Bunk" play on words, ha,ha.
    I think we are going to see much more of this "shrinking" merchandise as our economy shrinks. At least we are paying attention now...well, at least some of us.
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll come back soon.


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