Friday, October 8, 2010

Third Party Fake Tea Party " Spoiler" in NJ Third Congressional District Race?

After 15 days of "escaping" from the news cycle, I have been trying to catch up on what's been happening in the good old USA.  Hint...if you really want to get away from it all, go on a Princess cruise.  You will be subjected to CNN International, CNN Spain and The BBC.  The cruise line touts it's slogan, "Escape Completely", and they're not kidding.  The most I learned in the entire time was that Rahm Emanual quit (which is pretty good news for us, but not so good news for Chicago).

Today I read the article below, which is happening not too far from my old stomping grounds.  A sad fact..third party spoilers candidates may be "planted" by the Dems to split the conservative vote.  It also goes to show you the desperation of the Democrats.  Don't be surprised if this is going on in other races throughout the country.

Via:  The Blaze
(AP) — A New Jersey Republican congressional candidate criticized his Democratic opponent Friday amid mounting evidence that Democratic officials planted a tea-party candidate in the race to siphon off conservative votes.
“My opponent, John Adler, represents everything that is wrong with politics in our country today,” Republican Jon Runyan said. “I would ask for an apology. But frankly, an apology from someone like Congressman Adler would be so meaningless that it’s not worth seeking.”
He spoke at a news conference Friday as Adler, a first-term Democratic lawmaker, and his campaign remained mum about a report in the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill in which Democratic operatives speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed what Republicans have believed for months: That tea-party candidate Peter DeStefano was put on the ballot by Democrats.
The operatives said a county Democratic employee is running at least the Web elements of DeStefano’s campaign.
Tea party organizations, which have denounced DeStefano since he entered the race in June, called on him Friday to quit.
DeStefano and Adler have previously denied the accusations. DeStefano, Adler and top officials in Adler’s campaign and did not return calls or e-mails from The Associated Press on Friday.
In an August interview with the AP, DeStefano excoriated both Adler and Runyan.
He fended off questions about Republicans‘ accusations and tea party organizations’ claims that he wasn’t even a member, though he was running for Congress with the slogan “New Jersey Tea Party.” While there are several tea party groups in New Jersey, none goes by that name. Some tea party groups are supporting Runyan.
“Any American citizen can run for any office they want,” DeStefano said. “I think it’s time we get past this crap.”
He refused to answer questions about precisely when he decided to run.
In August, Adler told the Courier-Post: “I know we weren’t part of it.”
Runyan said his campaign was looking into whether there’s any legal action that could be taken against Adler.
The operatives told the Courier-Post the plan was shared with members of the South Jersey Young Democrats, and some in that group gathered signatures for DeStefano — while others didn’t because they thought the plan was unethical.
Republicans started raising suspicions about DeStefano months ago when they found many of the signatures on his nominating petitions were from Democrats, including a former Adler campaign staffer.
According to this article, the Dems have "fessed up". 

Adler is up in the polls, but not by much.  Maybe after this story has been exposed, he won't be up for long.

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  1. How was the cruise? I always gain weight on those. Midnight buffets and all...

  2. Hi Opie:
    It was a cruise through the Panama Canal starting in LA and ending in Ft. Lauderdale (with a few stops in between). We went with 2 other couples and had a great time. Yes, there was way too much food, but we had the willpower to skip the midnight buffets.
    Thanks for asking!

  3. Harry Reid is doing the same thing in Nevada with the Senate race. They have a Tea Party candidate there too. I believe most Nevadans are wise to it though.

  4. Hi Odie:
    Imagine that? Well, I think Harry is in for a rude awakening. I really hope the people of NV give him the boot.

  5. Welcome back CL, so pleased that you enjoyed your Panama cruise and good luck to the Tea Party.

  6. Hi banned:
    Good to hear from you. It was a grand time, but I'm happy to be home. So much going on now that the elections are right around the corner.
    As for the Tea Party is going strong even though it is a grassroots effort without any "official" organization. That's saying a lot for the determination we now have to get our country back on track. We need to stop the progressive agenda that is destroying us. Many of the conservative candidates who have been supported by the tea party movement are doing well.
    It's too bad the Democrats are so desperate that they feel the need to resort to dirty tricks to win.

  7. re your comment; this is when that vid first gained notoriety, this blog was posted over a week ago yet it is still attracting comments.
    The lefty lib UK Guardian newspaper was given an "exclusive" on the vid "10 10 No Pressure" (google/youtube) but withdrew following massive disapproval from their own readers.

    eco fascism-massive fail UK Daily Telegraph, centre-right, mildy skeptic.

    The story was covered by Alex Jones and

    search also for "splattergate"

    CL this message is intended for your information only and I do not mean to go off topic on your homecoming post.

    Bunni would have loved posting on this but, sadly she is no longer with us. I'm going to tone down some of the language on my site as I would not wish to offend any of your readers that click the link that you mentioned.


  8. TCL, glad to know that someone else has been off having a good time. We had plenty of news on Hilton Head Island, but didn't watch much.

    I understand that Panama Canal cruise is wonderful.

    Fake TEA Party candidates - isn't that disgraceful. These people will stop at nothing.

    Love the little witch icon:-)

  9. Hi Maggie:
    Glad you were having too good a time than to watch the news. And the Panama Canal cruise is great. It certainly is an engineering marvel. Check one off of the bucket list.

  10. I came back here to tell you that's a sexy new avatar.

  11. Odie:
    Why, thank you for the compliment on my "bewitching" new avatar for Halloween.

  12. I think that there are many more USA loving patriotic Americans that most likely share Tea Party values and yet do not publicly identify with TP, and yet that's OK, but the Dems are seeing a force that is very grassroots and has a life of it's own, the desire for freedom and lack of an oppressive government is hard to keep down. Notice how Dem. ads get a bit conservative during election time?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog months ago, returning the favor, great job here.....)

  13. Thomas:
    You're right about the Dems toning down the liberal rhetoric during election time. They realize that the country is more conservative. Just look at how some of them are distancing themselves from Obama in their campaign ads.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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