Friday, September 3, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: Congratulations to Iliaro Pantano (NC-7)

You voted and your voices were heard.
Iliaro Pantano
has won this week's Ten Buck Fridays Poll.
Iliaro is running for Congress in North Carolina's District 7

Wow,  another TBF poll that went down to the wire.  Ilario Pantano beat the second place candidate by just 44 votes!

Here's what RightKlik has to say:
We had another nail biter this week with our TBF poll, and Ilario Pantano finished in first place. About fifteen minutes before the poll closed, Pantano and and Sean Bielat were tied! Coincidentally, both of the top two TBF candidates were endorsed by Michelle Malkin this week, as was Renee Ellmers (last week's TBF winner).
Please head over to Ilario's website  to check out his stance on the issues and watch the video below to make an informed decision.  If you think he is worthy of your $10 TBF donation this week, then go directly to Ilario's Donation Page.  Don't forget to label your donation as "Ten Buck Fridays" on the occupation line.

 Ilario Pantano is on a mission to promote job creation and stimulate the economy, protect the homeland and preserve our conservative values in government. Join him in his run for congress against a 7-term incumbent that is part of a 100-year year Democrat Dynasty. This is a 100-year opportunity to take back a seat that has held the door open for Pelosi and the progressive agenda which has hijacked our government. Patriots in North Carolina's 7th district took a stand for their God-given rights in 1776 and they are taking a stand today. Join us as we take our country back and ensure the American way of Prosperity through Freedom.
Ilario Pantano's Donation Page.
Don't forget to mark it in the occupation line for Ten Buck Fridays!

If you've been hesitant to donate to a candidate outside of your state or district, think again.  The people in the Senate and in the House of Representatives vote on issues that affect each and every one of us.  If we don't get the right people in ALL of those jobs on Capitol Hill, we will ALL suffer the consequences.

Ten Buck Fridays is a grassroots effort that you can participate in to help candidates across the country.  You get to help good, common sense, conservative candidates win in elections that affect our future.  It's something we can do NOW to make a difference.

Michelle Malkin supports Iliaro Pantano.

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Don't forget to check back on Sunday for next week's Ten Buck Fridays poll.


  1. That's a great pic. I looked for one with family and missed this one.

    Pantano seems a very good candidate, and impressive to listen to.

  2. Hi Maggie:
    I had a hard time finding a good photo to use, too. I think the family shots always make a nice impression.
    He's been around for a while, so his name recognition will be a help. Great service to our country, too.


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