Saturday, September 18, 2010

TCL's Rule 5 Post of the Year

That's about as riské as it gets around here. 
So much for Rule 5.

The Conservative Lady blog will be taking a break for the next couple of weeks.  We're doing some "fun in the sun" things!  Tell you all about it when I get back.

Don't forget to keep up with the Ten Buck Fridays polls and the TBF winners.  Visit RightKlik or any of these other fine TBF supporting blogs provided by Mind Numbed Robot:

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Thank you for taking the time to visit The Conservative Lady blog.  I appreciate it.
See you soon!


  1. Have fun. Look forward to your return!

  2. Have fun, be safe, and come back soon!

  3. TCL! I am so happy for you! I need a vacation too. I hope you have an exciting couple of weeks and lots of fun. The pic was very cute.

  4. You posted a picture of YOURSELF on the beach in a BATHING SUIT??? SHOCKING! ;-)

    God bless you and all the bloggers helping with ten buck Fridays. Have a wonderful vacation.

  5. TCL have fun! I noticed the link you have to my blog is not working, Can you attche this code as the link please? Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

  6. HBWS:
    Thanks. I'm glad I saw your comment now so that I could change the link. I will have very limited internet access in a few days. The link is fixed.

  7. Relax and have fun in the sun! Eagerly awaiting your return.

  8. Hope you're having fun. I didn't even make the cut on the list. : (

  9. Soak up all the sun you can TCL, could be a long winter.....Global warming and all. Have a great vacation.

  10. Angel, Jake G & Randy:
    Thanks for the good wishes. I just bought some internet minutes for $55 (what a deal) and found your comments.
    Jake: Sorry you're not on the list, but you'll have to take it up with Mind Numbed Robot. I stole the list from him.


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