Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UPDATE: Karl Rove Disses Christine O'Donnell and the NRSC Refuses to Support Her in November

Video via Hot Air.com

I watched this live after it was announced that Christine O'Donnell beat RINO Mike Castle in the Delaware

GOP Primary tonight.  Then I heard that the NRSC is refusing to support her in the November general election.

They just don't get it.

Congratulations Christine!  You Can Donate Here.

Read  Michelle Malkin's take on it.

UPDATE 9/15:

Fox Blog: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supports Christine O'Donnell.

Politico:  NRSC Leader John Cornyn decides to support Christine O'Donnell.
National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn quickly offered his endorsement — and a $42,000 check — for the O'Donnell campaign, after being largely quiet Tuesday night.


  1. Their job is to win. If they honestly don't believe that she can, the resources are better used in a race that has a shot.

    Besides, she will get 3x as much tea party money now.

    She won't have a problem funding her campaign.

  2. JACG:
    I think her grassroots funding will be boosted by this announcement, too.
    What I find disheartening is that the "ruling class" elites actually would rather back a RINO than a conservative. These guys went for people like Charlie Crist rather than a conservative. With RINOs like Castle & Crist, who needs Democrats?

  3. I used to do political fundraising. The resources are very limited, people think if you hear that they have $50 million in the bank it more than enough. It really isn't on a national level. It is also a numbers game for the parties. They will always go with the candidate that they believe will win, always. A year ago, it didn't look like Rubio had a shot.

    Also, as much as you and I don't like it, Rino is still a republican to them. They are not the conservative party, they are the republican party. RINO has no meaning to them.

    Personally, I have real issues with O'Donnell. Her relationship with the truth is a little too Clintonian for my taste. It was a choice between bad and worse. The NRSC took bad.

  4. JACG:
    Hopefully, with the new people being elected in November and the "Young Guns" promoting conservatism in the GOP, we'll see a difference in the future.

  5. This just goes to show that even the Republican 'machine" doesn't believe We The People have the power to make a difference in Washington. I, for one, am praying fervently that she wins that election in November, just so that we can see how the Republican machine squirms when they realize they really aren't in control any longer! This race is a treue test of what America is looking for - conservative politics vs progressive politics. Let's see how it plays out. I'm counting on the goodness of the American spirit to lead the way in this one...

  6. So, we still eat our own after all this time. Carl Rove can go to hell, and please don't do us any favors along the way!

  7. Steam was shooting from my ears as I watched this last night. I do believe she will get more backing from the T Party now, but it still angers me for the RNC to come out and publicly announce they will not support the Republican the People chose. Are the people not smart enough to know who they need and want?

  8. Great post. The establishment GOP reaction to Christine O'Donnell shows us just how rotten the establishment is. And they're lazy. They'd sooner lose their country than lose an election or lift a finger to win an uphill battle.

    O'Donnell may be the biggest thing to hit the political scene since Sarah Palin. That's a big threat to the GOP establishment because they prefer Republicans who will work with Democrats to grow government and bring more power to Washington.

    I hope that concern trolls like Karl Rove find time to scrutinize Chris Coons as much as they've scrutinized Christine O'Donnell.

  9. Mrs. Candle and I are considering donating to her campaign. The issue is that we've donated to a lot of stuff lately and we're not rich :(

  10. HTBWS:
    It's time to weed out the "ruling class" elitists and RINOs as much as possible now. We can't afford to keep them in power any longer. They are progressives as much as any of the libs.

  11. Odie:
    I certainly was disappointed in Karl Rove last evening.

  12. Gramma:
    I felt the same way and it is unbelievable that Republicans would treat each other so badly. It looks like John Cornyn has had a change of heart and the NRSC is now going to give Ms. O'Donnell funding. Guess he got an earful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow. I have reciprocated.

  13. RK:
    We sure are learning a lot about the Republican Party and who we should and should not trust. There are many in the party who are out for the power and not for the cause.

  14. Candle:
    I think a lot of people are in your position. We have donated more to individual political candidates than ever before. What we have decided not to do is to donate to the RNC or any of their big organized groups. At least when you donate directly to the candidate, you know who your money is going to.

  15. CL -- elitist progressives? Lets hope their time is numbered. Maybe the writing's on the wall...

  16. I am hoping and praying that she wins. She is a true conservative who ousted a RINO. YEA! I would rather back a candidate who stands by her principles and lose than support one who compromises his/her principles in order to win.

  17. Teresa:
    It would help if the GOP would give her a little more support. I hope she wins, too. Her opponent is a real lefty Marxist.


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