Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally...A Connection - Plus the TBF Candidates

My apologies to all who left comments on the blog since Saturday.  Thank you for visiting the blog and being kind enough to leave me a note.  Unfortunately, I had no way of responding until today.

We returned to our home in Florda and were welcomed with a broken air conditioner, no internet and no TV.  The A/C is working intermittently and the repair is on order.  Thankfully, today the internet and TV, that were supposed to be taken off of vacation on September 10th, are now on line.  Turned out the signal amplifier was broken.  It's just amazing how we are so dependent on technology...

I am going to try to catch up on the blog stuff I've missed over the past few days as best I can.  We're really busy around here getting ready for a big trip we've been planning for a while.  It's part of our "Bucket List", so I'll be telling you about that later on.

The new Ten Buck Fridays Poll is up in the Left Sidebar.  Thanks to RightKlik, here are the links to the candidates' websites:

Some big primaries today.  Let's hope the best candidates win!


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