Friday, August 27, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: Congratulations to Candidate Renee Ellmers (NC-02)

You voted and your voices were heard.
Renee Ellmers (NC-02)
has won this week's Ten Buck Fridays Poll.

It sure was a close race this week.  Congratulations to Renee Ellmers who beat the second place candidate by only 10 votes.  Please head over to Renee's website  to check out her stance on the issues and watch the video below to make an informed decision.  If you think Renee is worthy of your $10 TBF donation this week, then go directly to her Donation Page.  Don't forget to label your donation as "Ten Buck Fridays" on the occupation line.

“I am running for Congress because as a mom, I want the same opportunities for my son as I had growing up. I am concerned about the direction our country is heading and I want to help get us on the right path. I need your help. Will you join me?”
-Renee Ellmers

  • Renee Ellmers is running against the pugnacious Bob Etheridge.

  • As a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse, Ellmers is an outspoken critic of government-run health care.

  • Ellmers on the issues

  • Renee Ellmers on Facebook

  • Ellmers on Twitter

  • Renee Ellmers is endorsed  by Sarah Palin. 
    For The People, By The People: Renee Ellmers (NC-2) (
    Right Klik: TBF Congratulates Renee Ellmers!

    Renee Ellmers' Donation Page. 

    Don't forget to mark it Ten Buck Fridays.
    If you've been hesitant to donate to a candidate outside of your state or district, think again.  The people in the Senate and in the House of Representatives vote on issues that affect each and every one of us.  If we don't get the right people in ALL of those jobs on Capitol Hill, we will ALL suffer the consequences.
    Ten Buck Fridays is a grassroots effort you can participate in to help candidates across the country.  You get to help good, common sense, conservative candidates win in elections that affect our future.  It's something we can do NOW to make a difference.

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    1. Got some peeps in NC that like her alot. She's got my thumbs up!

    2. Thanks for your support for TBF! Go Ellmers.

      Looks like brighter news for Rubio this week!

    3. Hi Jake:
      She sounds like a good candidate. Isn't it great how TBF has helped us all to become more familiar with the people who may be leading us in the future and to have a say it it as well?!?!

    4. RK:
      My pleasure. Ellmers sounds like a good candidate!
      As for is sounding better every day. I sure hope Floridians come through on this one.

    5. Hi Angel:
      Ellmers looks like a good candidate.


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