Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marco Rubio: Spread The Word - Week 2

This week's Marco Rubio Spread The Word Program is featuring Marco's ideas on lower health care costs and insuring more people.
Go to this link and read all of the information about Marco's ideas on health care.  Here's a synopsis:

IDEA #1: Allow Individuals To Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines.

IDEA #2: Encourage Small Businesses And Trade Associations To Band Together And Form Association Health Plans (AHPs).

IDEA #3: Give Individuals The Same Tax Break Given To Businesses When They Buy Health Insurance.

IDEA #4: Incentivize The Use Of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

IDEA #5: Give People The Tools To Make Cost-Conscious Decisions About Their Health Care.

IDEA #6: Increase The Number Of Community Health Centers.

IDEA #7: Incentivize State Medical Malpractice Reform.

IDEA #8: Enhance Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

IDEA #9: Incentivize State Insurance Reform.

IDEA #10: Adopt A Sensible Program To Cover Those With Pre-Existing Conditions. 

More information:

The Conservative Lady: Marco Rubio Campaign Announces "Spread The Word" Program 

12 Simple Ways To Cut Spending 

10 Simple Ways to Lower Health Costs and Insure More Floridians
Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate Website    


  1. That is quite good. Unfortunately, the turncoat down there is interfering with Rubio's efforts.

  2. As with many races, this one is scary. Rubio seems not to be able to pull away from the pack for long. So much rides on who the Democrat candidate it.

    We desperately need him in the Senate. I am praying for his candidacy.

    I can't even stand to look at Charlie Crist.

  3. Matt:
    Crist has been capitalizing on the oil spill and using it for face time in the hopes of garnering support. Unfortunately, it has been a benefit to him.

  4. Maggie:
    I guess the only hope is that the Democrat vote is split between Crist and whoever wins the primary. I find it so frustrating that Floridians would pass up a great candidate like Rubio. There's still time.

  5. Charlie Crist won't make it. I feel certain of this. Crist represents the old status quo, and I think people will see right through his party switching play. Although the polls show a tight race, at the end of the day I expect Rubio will win with a double digit margin. Rubio represents common sense politics, and even in Floriduh, this will be what pushes him past the bleeding edge. But that certainly doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels.

  6. Jake:
    I pray that you are right. I voted for Rubio today on my absentee ballot and mailed it off. I haven't been so happy to vote for someone in a long time. I hope he wins and doesn't disappoint.


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