Sunday, August 29, 2010

Candidate Marco Rubio (FL-Senate) Delivers Weekly Republican Address


  1. TCL, you are my go-to spot for info on Marco. I love the work you are doing for him.

    I just put up the Steven Crowder post on the WTC. I'm sure I first saw it here - maybe two weeks ago or so. I wanted to link that post, but can't find it. Instead I've linked your home page. Hope that's okay.

  2. Hi Maggie:
    I signed up to participate in Rubio's "Spread the Word" campaign. Looks like an update comes out once a week, so I'm trying to keep up with that.
    Thanks for the link about the WTC. I had a hard time myself finding my original post because I forgot to tag it WTC. Here's the link and I left it at your place, too.


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