Friday, August 20, 2010

Alan "Shrek" Grayson (D-FL) Blames President Bush for 9/11 - Video

Via:  Newsbusters
Attention Florida voters in District 8:
Fire this guy!


  1. Yes, Grayson does bare a shocking resemblance to the cartoon character Shrek. It's unfortunate. It makes people think he has the sense God gave a troll and he clearly does not.

  2. LL:
    I think Shrek has more sense than Grayson. That guy is a kook.

  3. He is a committed communist, which I find interesting because he is the 6th wealthiest member of the House of Representatives, with an estimated net worth of $77 million.

    This is a problem for the opposition in FL-8; no one can out spend him. Added to this, he has wealthy Jews and homosexuals eating out of his hand; in Orlando, that's about 99% of the people.

    You and LL are correct in your assessments of Grayson. He gives trolls a bad name, and he's not even close to rational. Sadly, his predecessor (a republican) was not much better.

  4. I always found Shrek the better looking of the brothers and also much better on camera.

  5. Mustang:
    We can pray.
    Maybe with the anti-incumbent sentiment, there is a glimmer of hope.

  6. lady di:
    I agree. Actually, I apologize to Shrek for the comparison.

  7. I ride the fence when it comes to Grayson. One one hand, I say kick him, because he's not political material, is disgraceful, and poorly represents the people of central Florida. You must be able to cut the buyers remorse there with a knife.

    On the second hand, I say keep him around. The idiot actually does more damage to the Democratic party than he does to the Republican party. Everytime he opens his mouth, he shoots them in the foot.

  8. @ Mustang: Keep in mind Shrek was an ogre, not a troll. Trolls are different. If you want to know what a troll is look at Hank "Guam may capsize" Johnson from my state of Georgia.

  9. Jake:
    I can see your point about Grayson making the Dems look bad, I just can't stomach having idiots like him in Congress.

  10. Jake:
    OMGoodness, that guy who thought Guam was going to capsize is from your state? Do you want to keep him around, too? He sure makes the Dems look stupid.


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