Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Totally Embarrassing

Jay forgot to ask one question of these geniuses..."Who did you vote for in the last presidential election?".

Video h/t: Randy's Roundtable


  1. Thanks for the H/T and check of my "little piece of the right" side! And that would have been the best question Jay could have asked!

  2. Hi Randy:
    Thanks for stopping by TCL, too, and for the follow. Glad I found your blog.

  3. As most of us who didn't just fall off the onion truck lately, we know that Jay goes for the dumbest, most clueless morons he can find to air,much like a-hole in Chief Howard Stern, and eliminates lots of folks who can actually answer those basic civics questions.

    Those guys make for way better entertainment than the average Joe who can probably answer those moron questions.

    I'm sure he had gobs of out takes of correct answers; they don't interest folks.

  4. I think you summed it up in the title. And to think, the left says that we are the ones that are ignorant?

  5. The only redeeming soul was Grandpa. Except he forgot to pass on his knowledge to the next generations. :-(

  6. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack last night when we say this. He, who like myself, is a product of the public school system when it was not uncommon to have 6o in your class room and still learn something. Like he always tells me.......
    "We are doomed" and I fear he is right, again.

  7. All but Grandpa voted for the Golden Pantload. We need more unions in the schools so all of the students are able to apply condoms correctly.

    College Professor ???? 1922 ??? Fire her ass!!!!

  8. Hi everybody:
    Thanks for all of the comments. Isn't it amazing that people actually don't know some of the most simple American history questions?
    And as Fredd said, I'm sure Jay has a lot of out-takes, but everyone should know who we won independence from and who the general was who led the Revolutionary War. Geesh...

  9. I love watching these kinds of clips.

    And I've seen so many now that Fredd's theory, while true, isn't any more comforting.

    That's like saying only a very small percentage of Muslims are terrorists. Yes. That's very true. But a small percentage out of a billion plus is still an enormous number when you're trying not to get blown to pieces.

    The fact is too many people in America don't know the simplest of things about our history. And they're far more likely to believe what they're told during election years.

    We've seen it far too often.

    If more people simply knew the parable about teaching a man to fish, we'd be extremely better off as a country. But things that should stand out as common knowlege are replaced by propaganda and fluffy visions of uberutopia that won't effect you but will magically help everyone else.

    We let these charlatans steal with our ignorance and then we want to blame the guy with the microphone for calling it out? No wonder Beck's so hated...

  10. Josh:
    Good to hear from you.
    It's true that our history is being changed and, if we don't do something about it, the truth will be lost forever.
    I thank God for Glenn Beck. Who else is speaking out the way he does?

  11. I wish Beck wasn't so hypervigilant on his quest to paint wrong as wrong.

    That has led to him taking a few things out of context. And that, at least to me, hurts his overall reputation.

    I'd much rather see the guy stick with the facts only and lose his propencity for video editing! lol He doesn't need that stuff. The truth speaks for itself.

    But I am thankful that Beck's dishing the dirt about Soros and how these bums are connected. No one else will! It's to the point you can't even do your own research, because they're constantly, like you say, changing history and "losing" pages...

    Beck's needed to an extent. Some of his behaviors aren't though, in my opinion.

    And I hope everyone is beating this heat!! :P Happy belated 4th and happy summer everybody. :)

  12. That professor should be reprimanded.

  13. Hi Josh:
    Beck's schtick is unique and I guess as long as he gets his point across, it works...and it works with a lot of people.
    I think he continues showing the videos because it is proof of what he is talking about. He must back of everything he says because his critics are constantly looking to destroy his credibility.
    I think Beck's teaching/telling our history is important. Have you seen his "Founders Fridays" shows? Amazing what we were never taught.
    Hope you're having a nice summer...keep cool!

  14. Trestin:
    With the left leaning academia in this country, she probably warrants a raise. She is a product of the leftist educational system in America.


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