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Ten Buck Fridays: Vote in This Week's New Poll

The Conservative Lady has joined a great group of bloggers who have decided to help spread the word about good, conservative candidates who are running in the November elections and could use a little help financially.  The program is called Ten Buck Fridays.

Look to the left and you'll see this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll.  It will be posted at the top of the left sidebar all week.  Please vote and then pass the word to your friends and family to give them a chance to participate in helping elect these fine candidates.

Check back on Friday to see who wins this week's poll and then take action by sending in your $10 (or whatever you can afford).  The link to the winner's website will be up and donations can be made directly to the candidate.

Last week's poll had the most votes yet (941) and a great candidate, Anna Little, won with 42% of the vote.  Please consider sending Anna a contribution if you haven't done so yet and make sure you mark it Ten Buck Fridays.  Anna's campaign is totaling the TBF contributions and will report back on the success of our effort.  The links to Anna's information and donation page will be posted at the top of the right sidebar of my blog all week and can also be found at the bottom of this post.

Thank you to RightKlik for the list (below) of the candidates on this week's poll.  He's included a brief synopsis with the links to their websites.  Please check them out so that you can make an informed decision.  We need good leaders and it's up to all of us to make sure the right people get the jobs.

Meet the Candidates:

Patrick Murray (VA-8)

Patrick Murray is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 24-years of active service. Patrick spent over a decade in numerous postings abroad, including tours in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and Russia. Serving around the World afforded him an up-close perspective of what it is like to live in places that do not enjoy the blessings of liberty. He does not take our freedoms for granted and knows first-hand that “freedom isn’t free.”

He was raised in Oklahoma by a single mother who taught him the importance of hard work, honesty and self reliance. He went to work at the age of 14 to help her pay the bills at home.

Patrick Murray faces incumbent Democrat Jim Moran in the fall.

Patrick Murray on the issues

Charles Lollar (MD-5)

Charles Lollar is a concerned citizen, taxpayer, hard working business executive, Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and most importantly a father of four and a devoted husband.

Charles was born in Toppenish, Washington, a sleepy western town boasting a diverse mix of cultures. His father, a tax consultant, instilled in him an old fashioned work ethic while his mother, a librarian, taught him how to be compassionate and caring for his fellow man.

If Charles Lollar wins the GOP primary on September 14, he will take on Steny Hoyer in November.

Charles Lollar on the issues

Teresa Collett (MN-4)

One of the challenges of representing Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District is writing legislation that makes sense, works with existing laws and is constitutional. I am the only Republican candidate who has written laws and defended them in state and federal courts.

As a lawyer, I have helped legislators create and pass laws to protect the elderly, the institution of marriage, parents’ rights and children, including the unborn.

In Minnesota, the GOP primary is on August 10.

Collett on the issues

Daniel Gilyeat (KS-3)

Kansans are a stubborn lot. We are tough, we have to be. We live in Tornado Alley. A sunny afternoon can turn into a raging storm in a matter of minutes. Daniel Gilyeat's life has been like that. One moment can be calm and quiet and the next minute you're flat on your back fighting for your life.

He was born on March 6th, 1972 in Shawnee Mission. Kansas, he grew up in Kansas City, Kansas. He grew up poor, in a house where he says he could "hear the wind blowing and see debris coming through the walls." They rarely had running water or electricity. He came from a family of divorce. After the age of eight he was raised with his two brothers, one older and one younger, by his single mom, Bonnie Gilyeat.

If he wins the GOP primary on August 3, Gilyeat will face the retiring incumbent Democrat's wife, Stephene Moore in the fall.

Dan Gilyeat's 12 Guiding Principles

Marco Rubio (FL-Sen)

Highly regarded for his principled, energetic and idea-driven leadership, Marco Rubio is a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010.

In 1971, Marco was born in Miami to Cuban-born parents who came to America following Fidel Castro’s takeover. When he was eight years old, Rubio and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where his father worked as a bartender at the Sams Town Hotel and his mother as a housekeeper at the Imperial Palace Hotel...

A host of candidates are fighting for this open U.S. Senate seat. Rubio is expected to face RINO turncoat Charlie Crist and a Democrat in the fall.

Marco Rubio on the issues

Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)

A native of Auburn, New York, Ann Marie is a nurse and accomplished attorney working in healthcare, mother of six and grandmother of eleven.

After graduating as an R.N. from St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing, Ann Marie worked at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse. While juggling a growing family, Ann Marie was a substitute school nurse for many years before obtaining her law degree from Syracuse University School of Law...

Ann Marie Buerkle is the only candidate in her district running on both the Conservative Party and Repbulican Party lines. A victory in the September 14 GOP primary would allow her to face Dan Maffei in November.

Ann Marie Buerkle on the issues

Liz Carter (GA-4)

Liz Carter is the best of what America has to offer: a small business owner, wife and Mom. No silver spoon in her mouth when she was born, she’s worked like the rest of us starting at the bottom, overcoming adversity, and making the best of an American life for her family. She’s a student of history and politics and an advocate. Her father, a World War II veteran, taught her what we all know, America is the greatest country in the world and she’s concerned that Washington’s lost its way...

Liz Carter is fighting to "Yank Hank" in November. If Liz wins the GOP primary on July 20, she will face Hank "Gaum's Gonna Tip Over" Johnson in the fall.

Liz Carter on the issues

Rick Barber (AL-2)

Rick Barber is a small business owner and a conservative Republican running for Congress in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District.

Rick is a product of the South. He spent his childhood in Arlington, Texas in a modest home with a Christian upbringing.

If Barber beats GOP establishment darling Martha Roby in the runoff primary on July 13, Rick Barber will face Blue Dog Bobby Bright in November.

Rick Barber on the issues

Daria Novak (CT-2)

Ms. Novak is Founder and former President of ERUdyne, LLC an international cross-cultural, business management training and consulting firm, located in the United States in Connecticut. She specializes in helping organizations to leverage culture and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Ms. Novak travels extensively across the United States and throughout the world teaching, consulting, and lecturing on global business management and cross-cultural awareness to organizations across the public, private, and university sectors.

If Daria Novak wins the GOP primary on August 10, she will face incumbent Democrat Joe Courtney in the fall.

Daria Novak on the issues

Eric Wargotz (MD-Sen)

U.S. Senatorial Candidate and (Elected) Commission President, Eric Wargotz is an experienced leader and activist; a physician-businessman, conservative, and conservationist. He knows what it takes to work as a team and to build consensus on difficult matters. He has the experience, knowledge and will to make the tough decisions.

Eric is a former Governor's Appointee to the Board of Physician Quality Assurance. While his formal training as a physician and expertise in health care issues and policy prepare him for public service in these areas, his interests are broad including those affecting the development of strong, healthy communities.

If he wins the GOP primary on September 14, Wargotz will face Barbara Mikulski in the fall.

Eric Wargotz on Today's Issues

If you have a candidate you would like to see included in next week's poll, either leave the name in a comment here and I'll pass it on to RightKlik - or - head over to RightKlik directly and let him know.

Thanks for participating in Ten Buck Fridays.  It's up to us to support good, conservative leaders...our country depends on it.  

Don't forget to check back on Friday for the winner.

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