Friday, July 30, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: And This Week's Winner Is...

You cast your votes and your voices were heard.
Patricia Sullivan
Candidate for Congress in Florida District 8
has won this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll
  Patricia is running in the GOP primary for the seat held by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL8)

Check out the video below and Patricia's website so that you can make an informed decision.  If you like what you see, then send in your $10 (or whatever you can afford) directly to Patricia Sullivan at her Donation Page

Born in Alabama, Patricia has lived in Florida since 1973, when her family moved to Seminole County. An AA graduate of Seminole Community College, she and husband Scott have been married for eighteen years. Lake County residents since 2001, the Sullivans have four children: Jennifer, Danny, Ben, and Emily.
A longtime homeschooler, Patricia believes strongly in local—not federal—jurisdiction over education. As someone who knows how to balance a checkbook and live within a budget, Patricia is committed to stop deficit spending, federal buyouts, and the many other problems big government creates.
Patricia Sullivan's Donation Page. Thanks to RightKlik for the graphic.
Don't forget to mark your donation Ten Buck Fridays in the "occupation" block on the donation form.

If you've been hesitant to donate to a candidate outside of your state or district, think again.  The people in the Senate and in the House of Representatives vote on issues that affect each and every one of us.  If we don't get the right people in ALL of those jobs on Capitol Hill, we will ALL suffer the consequences.  Just think, wouldn't it be great to get Alan Grayson out of Congress?  Well, if you send a TBF contribution to Patricia Sullivan, you will be helping her to win the GOP primary and go on to defeat Alan Grayson in November. 

This is the case each week when you participate in TBF.  You get to help good, common sense, conservative candidates win in elections that affect our future.  It's something we can do NOW to make a difference.

Join us and  

Video by:  RightKlik

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.
Video Via:  No Sheeples Here

Need more convincing, maybe Maggie can make the case better than me.

Read more about it at RightKlik to see what second place winner,  John Faulk, has to say about Paticia Sullivan and about the bet he made if he lost to her in the TBF poll. 

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  1. RK:
    Thanks. I hope Patricia Sullivan gets a lot of donations. She looks like a great candidate. I'll be sending mine off today.


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