Friday, July 9, 2010

UPDATE: Ten Buck Fridays: And This Week's Winner Is...

You cast your votes and your voices were heard.
Eric Wargotz
Candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland
has won this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll

Eric Wargotz (MD-Sen)
U.S. Senatorial Candidate and (Elected) Commission President, Eric Wargotz is an experienced leader and activist; a physician-businessman, conservative, and conservationist. He knows what it takes to work as a team and to build consensus on difficult matters. He has the experience, knowledge and will to make the tough decisions.

Eric is a former Governor's Appointee to the Board of Physician Quality Assurance. While his formal training as a physician and expertise in health care issues and policy prepare him for public service in these areas, his interests are broad including those affecting the development of strong, healthy communities.

If he wins the GOP primary on September 14, Wargotz will face Barbara Mikulski in the fall.

Eric Wargotz on Today's Issues

If you would like to contribute to Eric Wargotz's campaign, you can do so at his Donation Page.  Be sure to mark it Ten Buck Fridays.  Please read Right Klik: Ten Buck Fridays: We Have a Winner? for further information on Mr. Wargotz.

UPDATE 7/10:
I have corrected the paragraph below.  Charles Lollar is not running against Dr. Wargotz.  Mr. Lollar is running for Congress in MD 5th District.  My apologies for the error. Thank you to Michelle for the correction.

Eric Wargotz is running against conservative GOP candidate Charles Lollar in the Maryland Primary for U.S. Senate..  You can check on Mr. Lollar's stance on the issues at his website.  Mr. Lollar placed second in the TBF Poll.

Always make informed decisions before sending your hard earned money to a candidate.  Every candidate on the poll is in need of campaign funding, but not everyone on the list may share your individual beliefs on the issues.  Do your homework and only send contributions to those who you will be proud of supporting.

Last week's Ten Buck Fridays was a grand success.  Anna Little received $840 from TBF participants.  Read about it at:
Right Klik: Ten Buck Fridays Feedback From Anna Little

Thank you for participating in Ten Buck Fridays.  Check back next week for the new poll.


  1. Dear Conservative Lady,
    Dr. Wargotz is running for U.S. Senate and Charles Lollar is running for U.S. House of Representatives. These two fine men are not opponents in any primary (or other) race. As an aside, they are friends. It is clear from the Blogs, that many conservatives have differein views on "birther" issues. Many are birthers, many are not and many are simply misunderstood by others on the issue. In regard t Wargotz there really is no
    minor controversy or controversy at all. Wargotz is no birther. In fact,he rejected that notion AND it appears the video has been edited before placed on youtube. He refuted that label and clarified that in mainstream press in Maryland. You can find it in his press room at his website I always do my own research before jumping to conclusions. Wargotz never said that obama wasn’t a US citizen. I live in Maryland and I can tell you that that Stark video statement on birth place was very smart. Why? Because when he wins the primary, if Miluski brings it up then mainstream press will be all over him and he gets great mainstream attention and name recog. and an opportunity to dispel , etc. He is a VERY smart man and deserves all of our support and dollars. Don’t sell him short. Thanks. You should consider posting the link to wargotz's donation page: Thank you for the consideration of this fine man.

  2. Hi Michelle:
    I stand corrected on the primary mistake and it will be corrected.
    I did publish Dr. Wargotz's donation page link in my post from the outset, so it is available for anyone who wishes to send him a contribution. I did not leave it off as I think the purpose of TBF is to be fair and whoever wins the poll is highlighted on the Friday post.
    I hope it is understood that I did not tell anyone not to send Dr. Wargotz a TBF donation. I always remark that everyone should make "informed decisions" when donating their money to any candidate. I highlighted it this time because of all of the controversial comments regarding Dr. Wargotz that RightKlik received at his blog.
    My purpose in promoting Ten Buck Fridays is to help candidates get publicity, but it is not my intention to push one over another. As a matter of fact, the candidate I vote for each week has not won a poll yet and I have refrained from mentioning him in my TBF posts.
    The mistake with Lollar is solely mine and I give my apologies. Mr. Lollar did come in second in the poll.
    Thank you for your input on Dr. Wargotz and I hope everyone reading these comments will take them into consideration.

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful post. The candidates for whom I have voted have yet to win any TBF poll, and as far as I'm concerned, that's perfectly fine. My goal in participating in TBF is not to raise money for specific candidates, but to promote awareness of great conservatives and to encourage a unified effort to help out those who deserve an extra boost.

    Last week's Anna Little was a perfect example... a great candidate about whom most of us knew very little. Now we know her better and can look forward to her success in the fall.

  4. Hi RK:
    Your sentiments are mine, exactly. You've done a great job and are to be commended for taking time away from your regular blog to help give conservative candidates some exposure and a little financial help with their campaigns (and doing it in a competitive way with the poll makes it fun). Education is important when making decisions on who to vote for and TBF is a perfect vehicle for people to get the information needed to make informed decisions.
    I'm happy and proud to be involved with TBF.


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