Friday, July 30, 2010

On The Way To The Trash Heap

Graphic By KeithJK1

Do we need more proof that the Obama Regime is on a mission to usurp  power from Congress and place it in Obama's own hands?

A Fox News article states:
A group of Republican senators has written to top immigration officials in the Obama administration asking them to reveal whether large-scale plans are under way to provide a so-called non-legislative version of amnesty.

The lawmakers cite an 11-page draft document written by staff to the director of the Citizenship and Immigration Service that says they are reviewing several executive orders and other mechanisms that effectively would serve as a substitute for comprehensive immigration reforms.

Of course, the Obama Regime, through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), denies any plan to pass amnesty to illegal aliens by executive hocus pocus. 

…"Nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions. To be clear, DHS will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation's entire illegal immigrant population,"…

Why should we believe the USCIS?  I sure don't.  I don't believe anything the Regime tells us.

Obama has loaded up his Regime with Czars just for this purpose. These like-minded progressives are in positions that do not have to answer to Congress. Just take a look at this article in The Daily Caller to see the list of 38, yes 38, Obama Czars or maybe we can call them "Regulators".

Amnesty isn't the only thing we need to be watching.  Cap & Tax is another issue that will be passed through without Congress. Why do you think Harry Reid dropped it this year? The Obama EPA has the power to do the dirty deed and we won't have anything to say about it.

While it is true that Cap and Trade doesn’t live in Congress anymore, it is very much alive and kicking over at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Worse, Harry Reid and Congress didn’t abandon Cap and Trade; they merely shifted it over to the EPA to guarantee its future.

Or how about Obama's new Health Czar, Donald Berwick? He's the guy who said:

…"The decision is not whether or not we will ration care -- the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open."

…Berwick said, "I cannot believe that the individual health care consumer can enforce through choice the proper configurations of a system as massive and complex as health care. That is for leaders to do."…

…Berwick even promises that he will train young doctors and nurses to understand "the risks of too great an emphasis on individual autonomy."…
Phyllis Schlafly says…"Note the imperial "we." That's the way czars talk…"

Berwick now has control over our life and death.

Here are more examples of the power Obama's czars/regulators wield over us, taken from Phyllis Schlafly's article in
The term czar has come to mean a presidential crony appointee who was never vetted by the Senate and who exercises sweeping regulatory authority without congressional oversight. But let's not lose sight of the vastly increased regulations issued by established agencies.

  • Obamacare's 2,000-plus pages created about 160 new agencies and boards with regulatory power. The Department of Health and Human Services just published 864 pages of regulations to govern electronic medical records.
  • President Obama just signed the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. Its implementation will require at least 243 new regulations by 11 federal agencies, several of which do not yet exist.
  • Obama's Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, brags that under his leadership, the Department of Energy (DOE) has "accelerated the pace" of regulation and "placed new resources and emphasis behind the enforcement" of new regulations which "increase the stringency" of "minimum conservation standards" for all sorts of home appliances. Look out! The energy police are invading our homes.
  • In April, DOE issued a new rule that gas fireplace logs cannot use more than 9,000 BTUs per hour, which is about one-tenth of what current gas logs require. This new rule will wipe out the gas fireplace industry, and the gas log in my home would become illegal.
  • In May, DOE effectively banned showerheads with multiple nozzles by ruling that all nozzles combined will be permitted to deliver no more than an anemic 2.5 gallons per minute. This rule will destroy upscale showers and handheld sprays used by the disabled and elderly, like the one I use.
Obama wasn't kidding when he promised to "fundamentally transform the United States." He has figured out how to bypass Congress and rule us by czars and a tsunami of regulations.

The United States was formed with three branches of government, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. Obama has taken the Separation of Powers provided in the Constitution and made it irrelevant.  Even the Canadian Press chimed in back in February:  

Baffled over his inability to get his boss’s agenda passed; despite unstoppable majorities in both houses of Congress, President Obama has determined that America can get along just fine without three branches of government.
“With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.”
Now that the American citizenry has made itself utterly clear in its collective repudiation of the Soros-Obama agenda, the president is prepared to act on his own without meddlesomeness by Congress or the bothersome American people.

Even if the Republicans take over of Congress in November (and that is not written in stone), it will be difficult to reign in the Obama progressive agenda.  The regulator czars will still be there to take up the slack.  The November elections are a start, but until Obama is voted out of office, it's going to be an uphill climb.  And as far as Obama being voted out of office...well watch this:

Do the people in America realize what is happening here?  I know we do, but how about your friends and neighbors who don't pay attention to politics and are too apathetic to give a damn?  Keep beating the drum and pounding that keyboard.  We have a lot of work to do if we are going to keep our Republic.  It's already half way out the door and on the way to the trash heap.

Read about the amnesty memo: GOP Lawmakers Want Explanation of Draft Memo on Amnesty for Thousands

Read more about Obama'z czars: More Unaccountable Obama Czars

Read more about Massachusetts and the electoral college change:  Massachusetts Looking Past Electoral College


  1. Hi T CL. This is scary stuff. I don't trust them AT ALL!
    They are going to try and sneak all this, and much more, into law. I hope we can all stop them.
    Thanks for pointing out these latest crimes.

  2. Hi Bunni:
    So much is done under cover that we probably won't find out about it until it's way too late.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. The Obama admin had better watch it. It IS possible to push the American people too far.

  4. It is remarkable... the leftists cried "more of the same" as they complained about the wars, the Patriot Act, the no-bid contracts to Halliburton, and all the rest of the power that we now know George W. used and occasionally abused while he held office.

    What we are witnessing from this administration is beyond reprehensible, and shows absolutely no respect for The Constitution.

    We can only hope there is a way to restore our system to where it once was, and that we can find a leader with the integrity to help us do so.

  5. We need control of congress, and then bring on impeachment.

  6. Hi Sol:
    We can only hope there is a way to restore our system to where it once was, and that we can find a leader with the integrity to help us do so.
    That's the question...can we turn it around and who is the leader who can turn it around? I hope that leader surfaces once the November elections are over.

  7. Opie:
    The breaking point is near. I just hope violence doesn't occur. Violence is the reaction the regime wants from us...if it does, we will fall right into their hands.

  8. Odie:
    That would be an answered prayer.

  9. Great article. When I read this, I remember Obama saying (paraphrasing) that he'd rather be a successful one -term president than a mediocre two term president. His definition of success is our failure, but it is disconcerting to know hear that. It lends itself to worrying about what the a-hole will do w/o the concern of not getting re-elected. I for one believe that Obama will try to grant amnesty via executive order. Its in the cards. Not suspecting otherwise is like backing a bobcat in a corner and not expecting it to bite.

  10. Congress has made themselves irrelevant. I joke and call Obama the wannabe dictator, but I think we are closer to that then I'd like to admit.

  11. Jake:
    I think you're right. Amnesty is coming, one way or the other. He needs the votes.

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  13. The attack goes on, from every angle possible. The next two election cycles are absolutely vital. We need the Congress in November, and the POTUS in 2012. These are our last chances.

  14. Do we need more proof that the Obama Regime is on a mission to usurp power from Congress and place it in Obama's own hands?..not us but how frightening!

  15. Matt:
    You're right. Let's hope that by 2012 the elections are not futile due to the Progressive's attempts to do away with the electoral college.

  16. Angel:
    It is frightening and if it's not stopped now, who knows if we can ever turn it around.

  17. This is why they do not care about the November elections. Congress has lost it's power. We have moved from constitutional republic, to an imperial nation.

  18. Hi Trestin:
    You could be right. Obama doesn't need the Congress to get his agenda pushed through; his czars can do the job.


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