Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama's Actions Speak Louder Than His Words

President Obama talks a good game about wanting to put Americans back to work, but in reality his actions speak louder than his words.

Visit Lt. Governor of Louisiana Scott A. Angelle's website, Gulf Economic Survival Team, to read the latest information on the moratorium and, while you're there, you can sign their petition.

Gulf Economic Survival Team

Sign the Petition

We urge you to join our campaign to insist the White House and U.S. Department of Interior shorten a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling that will have a devastating effect on Louisiana’s families, businesses, and local and state economies.
Our Petition:
The offshore drilling moratorium will be devastating to our Gulf Coast region, where hundreds of thousands of residents work in jobs that service the oil and gas industry. The impacts we are suffering from the BP oil spill are bad enough; the moratorium will cause massive layoffs and cripple our economies like never seen before, and we will likely feel the impact for years. Please act quickly to institute offshore safeguards, reduce the drilling moratorium to 30 days, and get us working again to fuel this nation!

Offshore drilling moratorium affects everyone

Study outlines how the Obama administration’s offshore moratorium will negatively impact industries nationwide.
By Rebecca Torrellas

The presidential offshore drilling moratorium will cost approximately US $2.1 billion in economic loss to the states along the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) in first six months, according to a recently released paper.
“The Economic Cost of a Moratorium on the Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration to the Gulf Region” was written by Dr. Joseph R. Mason, Louisiana State University endowed chair of banking and renowned economist. Mason said he estimates the moratorium will see a loss of 8,000 jobs and $500 million in lost wages in the Gulf Coast in the first six months.
“The moratorium will cost the Gulf Coast region jobs, money, and economic development,” he said. “In fact, the moratorium could be more costly than the oil spill itself.”
The analysis addresses the negative impact the six-month offshore drilling moratorium will have on the US, both directly and indirectly. It estimates 12,046 full-time jobs will be lost nationwide, not only on oil rigs, but also in associated industries.
The study, sponsored by Save US Energy Jobs – a project of the American Energy Alliance – also focuses on the spillover effect the moratorium will have on other job sectors such as mining, transportation, warehousing, wholesale and retail trade, health care, entertainment, education, and waste management. Texas will see a decrease of approximately 2,492 jobs, and Louisiana will see a decrease of approximately 4,719 jobs.
The moratorium also will cause a loss in wages. According to the study, analysts are predicting loss of wages from $65 million to $135 million/month, negatively affecting an already distressed work force.
State and local tax revenues also will be affected. Texas will decrease by $22.8 million, Alabama will decrease by $7.2 million, Mississippi will decrease by $8.4 million, and Louisiana will decrease by $59.3 million, according to the analysis.
“The region is already struggling from devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, and the nation’s depressed economy,” Mason said. “By stifling one of the area’s primary economic engines, the administration is crippling the local economy and risking long-term consequences.”
The report also warns against a permanent moratorium on offshore drilling in the GoM. As a “worst-case scenario,” it would cost more than 400,000 jobs and $95 billion nationwide.
Tom Pyle, president and CEO of the American Energy Alliance, said, “We need to find ways to save US energy jobs, not cut them.”
He said the Gulf Coast would be devastated, and the jobs of families nationwide would be affected.
“For the good of the families throughout the Gulf region and our nation’s energy security, the Obama administration must lift the moratorium and get the Gulf back to work,” Pyle said.

Via:  epmag.com


  1. Even if I liked Obama at the onset and felt that tingling sensation and decided to get in the video with Anthony Kiedes and pledge my loyalty, I'd be off the wagon by now.

    It's painfully obvious that this guy is all about short-term politics that bode well for Democrats and Democrats only and how they're viewed by a hopefully-growing bloc.

    Obviously, the fanatics and folks choosing to only support him due to his skin tone will constantly make excuses and say he's somehow doing a good job.

    But reactionary BS like this, where it does FAR MORE damage than good, is proof positive that our President is better off being an advocating organizer.

    And it's further proof that blowhard advocates shouldn't be politicians, because they haven't the slightest clue how to "run" anything. They're too busy trying to please those close to them at everyone else's detriment.

  2. "Actions speak louder than words"
    Something to remember in November.

  3. Obama is a one man wrecking crew. He revels in our destruction.

  4. Hi Josh:
    The only people who will vote for Obama are the "elitists" who think they know better than us. The other group is the people who will benefit most from Obama's policies (minorities). This is his driving force for amnesty. He is dependent on these votes.

  5. Trestin:
    You are so right and we must keep pounding away to remind people of it.

  6. Opie:
    He sure does revel in the destruction of America as we know it. Unfortunately, we will have to deal with it long after he is gone.


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