Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let Us Go Back To Work!

Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke at the Rally for Economic Survival in Lafayette, La. against the Obama Administration’s job-killing offshore drilling moratorium, saying it would be bad for their security and economy.



  1. I agree that Jindal is doing a great job. Unfortunately, Obama stopped him from doing anything constructive at almost every turn. I would hope that all of the gulf coast residents remember this come November.

  2. I'd heard this on the radio and am glad to see the video. It's statements like "They can collect unemployment" that make me wonder if Barry actually believes his own BS.

    I think his handlers know exactly what all this legislation will do. This makes Barry look like their useful idiot.

  3. Gov. Jindal is displaying excellent leadership skills and doing everything that he possibly can for the people of Louisiana.

    JIndal/Brewer 2012?

  4. Kristin:
    How Obama can say, "They can collect unemployment" so cavalierly reminds me of Marie Antoinette saying, "Let them eat cake".
    I guess he just doesn't understand how people want to earn their own living, as he is in the business of making people dependent on big government.

  5. Teresa:
    He sure is and this speech shows he has it in him...not like that speech he gave after Obama's SOTU.


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