Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flying High, Flying Proud

We've been proudly flying our American Flag for many years.
Today we added another flag to our flag pole and the wind cooperated for this photo.

History of the Gadsden Flag


  1. The Gadsen Flag is considered by many to be a modern emblem of the politically conservative. Since you are THE Conservative Lady, it only makes sense.

    (I have a Gadsen Flag sticker on the back of my truck)

  2. LL:
    Yes it does make sense and it's about time I got that flag flying.

  3. I also have a Gadsen sticker on the back of my SUV, but I see less and less evidence of people displaying their affiliation with any "conservative" or "Tea Party-like" movement or against anything Progressive. Is anyone else seeing that?

  4. HTBWS:
    I see a Gadsden flag flying occasionally, but it's not something I see every day. I notice anti-Obama agenda bumper stickers more often than flags.
    Anyone else want to comment on this?

  5. I haven't seem many Gadsen flags, but I'm seeing a lot less Obama bumper stickers.

  6. Matt:
    I guess they all bought that Obama sticker removal kit. Nothing like buyer's remorse.

  7. looks great. i have the gadsden flag patch on my work gear bag. i hope none of the compassionate, big tent libs that may live by you vandalize your property. the place to go for stickers, flags, patches and more is

  8. TCL - I love this. What a great idea!

  9. Maggie:
    Thanks. I'm sure our liberal neighbors (if we have any) don't appreciate it.

  10. j summ:
    We talked about what our neighbors would think, but decided we didn't care. I hope nobody vandalizes our property, but with Libs it's never a surprise.
    That is the company where I bought the flag. They offered a "double-sided" flag and that's what I wanted. They sure have a lot of stuff.

  11. Jake:
    Thanks. So far, no Libs have attacked the homestead.


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