Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: And The Winner This Week Is...

You cast your votes and your voices were heard.   
Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) 
has won this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll.

Rep. Bachmann is running to hold her seat in Congress and she is one of my favorite conservative women.  I was happy to visit her website today and make my Ten Buck Fridays donation.  I really think she is the second most hated conservative woman after Sarah Palin.  Just one more reason to dish out the bucks to support her...she's effective in spreading the conservative message.  The Left has put a target on her back and are determined to get her out of Congress this November.  It's up to us to support good, conservative leaders and Michele Bachmann is one of the best.  

Now it's your turn to visit Michele Bachmann's website and check out her stance on the issues.  If you agree with me, then make your $10 TBF donation (or whatever you can afford) at Rep. Bachmann's Donation Page. Please don't forget to mark it Ten Buck Fridays. RightKlik took a snapshot of the donation page to show you where to mark it Ten Buck Fridays.

Thanks for supporting Ten Buck Fridays.  Check back next week for the new poll.  If you have a favorite candidate and would like to see him/her included in a future poll, please submit the name to RightKlik or leave me a comment here and I'll pass it on.  There are 18 weeks left before the November elections, so that makes 18 more times you can vote (and donate) to make a difference in our country.

Go to Polemicon to check out the TBF Bloggers who feature Ten Buck Fridays on their sites and see a list of the folks who are kind enough to Twitter it. If anyone is missing, leave a comment and the list will be updated.

Ten Buck Fridays explained

Check out Maggie's Notebook for a her take on it.
Conscientiously Conservative Blog began Ten Buck Fridays, so head over there for a visit.


  1. TCL, this was a good week with 32 participants. Maybe next week that will double. I noticed your comment at RK. I too will be voting for Marco this week.

  2. Hi Maggie:
    I was over at your blog commenting while you were here, ha, ha.
    I've added a link to your post about TBF - it was great.
    I'm sure Marco will appreciate the support. Crist is getting Dem support, so Marco can use all the help he can get.
    TBF is getting more popular every week. It's a great idea.

  3. Kristin:
    Thanks for supporting TBF. Pass the word!

  4. RK:
    I posted it over at:
    Smart Girl Politics
    Team Sarah

    Just "spreading the word around".

  5. I've linked your posts on...

    Smart Girl Politics
    Resist Net
    Team Sarah

    Didn't find a post on FreedomWorks, but I'll keep looking :)

    Thanks for getting the message out!

  6. RK:
    I posted the link at your site, but here it is anyway:
    Nice of you to post all of those links. Thanks.


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