Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays - Don't Forget To Vote In The Poll

I hope you all have noticed this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll over in the left sidebar.  The Conservative Lady has joined a great group of bloggers who have decided to help spread the word about good, conservative candidates who are running in the November elections and could use a little help financially.

There will be a new poll each week with a winner announced on Fridays. Please vote for a candidate who you think deserves a campaign donation this week. Courtesy of RightKlik, below is the list of candidates on this week's poll with links to their websites.  Please check them out so that you can make an informed decision.  We need good leaders and it's up to all of us to make sure the right people get the jobs.

Links to the candidates' websites:
Christine O'Donnell (DE)
Renee Ellmers (NC)
Michele Bachmann (MN)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Buddy Simpson (GA)
Andy Barr (KY)
Daria Novak (CT)
Jim Rutledge (MD)
Susana Martinez (NM)
Rick Berg (ND)

You can also find out more about TBF at RightKlik

Here is a list of the bloggers spreading the word about TBF:

Stop the ACLU, Proof Positive, just a conservative girl, Old Line Elephant, JBlog Central, Maggie's Notebook, Polemicon, The Conservative Lady, Right Truth, The Camp of The Saints, AmericanNation, GeeeeeZ!, Randy's Roundtable, Left Coast Rebel, Mind Numbed Robot, Hack Wilson, The War Planner, Libertarian Advocate, Lady Cincinnatus, RightKlik and the mind behind TBF... Conscientiously Conservative

UPDATE 6/23: Teresamerica Blog will be tweeting on TBF.

The Conservative Lady is also posting TBF on TCL Facebook.

Ten Buck Fridays has it's own  Facebook page and Twitter account.

Last week's winner was Sharron Angle. Thanks to all of you who sent her a Ten Buck Fridays donation.
Check back this Friday to see who wins and then take action by sending in your $10 (or whatever you can afford).  The link to the winners website will be up and donations can be made directly to the candidate.

If you have a candidate you think would be worth including in next week's poll, either leave the name in a comment here and I'll pass it on to RightKlik - or - head over to RightKlik directly and let him know.


  1. Hi Opie:
    If you're interested in joining us, contact RightKlik. He'll give you the poll code to embed on your blog.

  2. thanks for the post! I need to catch up with all the new links!

  3. TickedMD:
    Thanks for participating in TBF.

  4. Definitely Rubio. Just saw that Crist is leading down there, and he's a disaster.

  5. Great post. I picked Rubio. There could be alot more to add to the list, but that would get out of hand. If I could mention one more, Liz Carter for the 4th District of GA. One who intends to yank Hank "Gaum may capsize" Johnson from office. http://www.lizcarterforcongress.com/

  6. Thanks, TCL. I tried to vote over at Maggie's place, but something didn't work. I got my vote in here, though.

    Although, as an oil spill, my understanding of your politics is pretty limited. The only thing I do know is that your president can't plug my damn hole. Not even close.

  7. This is a great idea! I will be tweeting this info.

  8. Hi Fuzzy Slippers:
    Rubio is my guy, too, because I am a FL resident and know Crist was nothing but a self-serving RINO and now a self-serving Independent. I think Crist is stealing Democrat votes, that's why he's leading. I really hope Rubio can pull this off because Crist will be a disaster in the Senate.

  9. Hi Jake:
    As I told Fuzzy Slippers, Rubio is my guy. I will pass on Liz Carter's name on to RightKlik.

  10. Hi Mr. Oil Spill:
    Ok, now I know I'm playing second fiddle to Maggie, but that's OK, ha, ha. The main thing is that you got your vote cast. Thanks and don't forget to stop by on Friday to see who won the poll.

  11. Hi Teresa:
    Thanks for tweeting on TBF. I'll add your link to the list and pass this info on to RightKlik.

  12. I really need to get in on this. It's a great idea.

  13. Matt:
    The more, the merrier. Go see RightKlik. He'll set you up with the poll link.

  14. Hi Angel:
    TBF seems to be getting more popular every week. Spread the word.


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