Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rolling Stone Author Speaks Out - WH Could Have Easily Swept The Story Under The Rug

According to, Secretary Gates wanted to keep General McCrystal:

Gates was initially furious about the article, but said McChrystal had to stay in command because the war is at such a critical point, a second source — who also asked not to be named on internal administration discussions — told CNN.

But as it became clear the White House didn’t feel same way and the issue was not going to fade, Gates shifted his position and agreed that keeping the general would be an untenable distraction.


  1. At the end of the day the General and his staff violated the rules. The President did what needed to be done. Just because you agree with what was said, doesn't make it ok.

    Just remember, somewhere down the road a republican president could be in this position, and would be right to get rid of the person. Conservatives were none to pleased when this happened to Bush.

    It is not thier job to give commentary. They follow orders.

  2. JACG:
    Just because you agree with what was said, doesn't make it ok.
    I hope you don't mean "me" because I didn't express an opinion. I also believe that it's not OK for him and/or his staff to say negative things about his boss (the President) and his administration in a public display. Why in the world would Gen. McChrystal give an interview to Rolling Stone magazine anyway? I heard today that he's a liberal and voted for Obama, so that may be the answer.
    What I do find interesting is that Obama hired General Petraeus to take over after he (Obama), Hillary and the rest of the Dems called him a liar about the surge in Iraq. Now he's the the guy they are turning to to win the war in Afghanistan. The state-run media can't stop talking about what a great leader and genius Obama is that he turned to Gen. Petraeus after he canned McChrystal. How ironic.

  3. Bottom line: McChrystal was fired/resigned becausse Obama and Iago--I mean, Rahm Emanuel--decided that it was politically advantageous, and not other reason.
    The business about Obama demonstrating his leadership is hogwash. As to McChrystal's motivation? Please see my blog,

  4. Desman:
    I checked out your post and it's a very interesting scenario. I left you a comment.

  5. The general was a soldier. They take orders. They don't give commentary. That's about the end of that. Obama had to do that, and I think that this is the one time I ever even remotely agreed with him.

  6. TCL:
    I didn't mean you, I just meant people in general. I have been called all kinds of names over the past few days because I think Obama did the right thing.

    You know, even a broken clock gets it right on occassion.

    Like all of us have been saying for a long time, he is governing now, so things are different. I am sure that Patreaus is looking really good at this moment.

  7. Matt:
    You are right.
    The sorry thing is that the General running the show in Afghanistan does not think the POTUS is up to the job.

  8. JACG:
    Too bad people are calling you names for stating your opinion.
    I believe that General Petraeus will do a great job in Afghanistan...his record in Iraq proves that he is a good leader. Obama is lucky that General Petraeus is willing and able to do the job. Obama has to eat crow with this one, but you'd never know it listening to the left-wing media.

  9. If that dude is saying the WH could have swept the story under the rug, he's no friggin' journalist. Maybe he means he could have offered to SELL the WH the story.

  10. Snarkey:
    I never thought of that, but that is definitely possible. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  11. Obutt is looking for any way he can lose that war. He doesn't want a victory ... that would be a cruel thing.

  12. Odie:
    Obama owns this war and maybe now that he's hired General Petraeus to run it (and everyone thinks he's a genius for doing it), Obama will be more amenable to Petraeus's recommendations on how to win it.

  13. I'm sick of the media twisting everything to make obongo look good.

  14. TCL, I also do not understand why McChrystal would spend a month with Rolling Stone Magazine. I believe Obama did what he had to do. How embarrassing to hear the Commander of the Afghanistan War say you were unprepared for the most important meeting in the history of the war on your watch. I will be quoting McChrystal every chance I get.

    This is the first time I've agreed with anything Obama has done. This very experienced, magnificent warrior must have lost his mind for a month.

    But in a way, he did us all a favor, because now we know the Commander-in-Chief was probably filling out his score card rather than preparing to battle Taliban.

    I agree with all you said about Petraeus, also a mighty warrior.

    Assuming the story is true that McChrystal banned Fox in his headquarters - what does that say? To me it says he would rather his men listen to the very people so disdainful of their mission. That equals abuse in my opinion.

  15. Maggie:
    I've heard that McChrystal voted for Obama and that he is a liberal. That would explain Rolling Stone over Fox News.
    I am confident Gen. Petraeus will be a great asset in the Afghanistan mission. Obama is lucky to have him and I hope he takes the General's advice on running it.

  16. Bunni:
    That is their mission in life - making Obama look good. Too bad for them that more people are realizing the truth every day.


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