Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Lone, Courageous Soul

We can learn a lot from a lone Jewish high school student who had the courage to stand up for Israel by facing a group of pro-Gaza Flotilla wacko Muslim protesters in Los Angeles. Listen to his interview at the end and you'll see how well spoken and well informed he is regarding the situation.



  1. He shows us all what bravery is. He is a man, through and through.

  2. That kid is amazing. Did you see how he was calm and intelligent when explaining himself? The tow PLO freaks at the end looked like they were on Jerry Springer.

  3. He is a very brave soul! One might say, that his standing up for Israel like that, he is following God's Call. God Bless him. May God keep him safe.

  4. Hi Opie:
    I know he said his parents didn't want him to be there, but I can only imagine how proud they are of him.

  5. Trestin:
    Your description of the two knuckleheads at the end is perfect!

  6. Teresa:
    And he's standing up for what is right and true. The entire world condemns Israel as a matter of course, no matter what. There are videos showing exactly what happened that day. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

  7. We can all learn from this brave young man.

  8. Matt:
    We sure can. This fellow has more integrity than the entire Obama Administration.

  9. It's "okay" to hate the Jews, obviously. They've always been hated, and people do whatever they possibly can to tell themselves they're justified. But it's still hate, pure and simple.

    The entire Middle East is made up primarily of Muslims - most of whom, while certainly not terrorists, aren't sympathetic to the Jewish cause and would not lend a hand to them.

    Israelis take up extremely little space and are surrounded on all sides by people wanting to kill them! What are they to do?

    Bow down and leave and let Arab Muslims have what they want in a territory that's intolerant of anything but Islam?

    It's clear why some Muslims hate Jews.

    But I want to know why others do.

    And I love that guy at the end. You know, after the Jews had Ge-Germany or whatever... now they're taking their anger out on other people.

    Moron doesn't describe that guy, and probably doesn't do justice to half the people there.

  10. Hi Josh,
    Trestin nailed the 2 morons at the end..."freak...looked like they were on Jerry Springer".
    Glenn Beck had a show on yesterday about the history of Israel. Here's the link in case you missed the show:

    Netanyahu is right...Israel is guilty until proven guilty. Very sad.

  11. God bless and keep that young man and his family. He is obviously wise beyond his years. There is no comparison to the screaming woman at the end of the tape or the young man who couldn't put a sentence together.

    I'm glad police were on the scene.

    TCL, I'll post this tomorrow and link back to you.

  12. What most people do not know is that Israel was a country until it was taken away from the Jews and they finally took it back, but there has never been a country called Palestine.

    May God's angels watch over and protect the brave young man who seems to be the sole protector of his country in Los Angeles, which is full of illegals who should not be there in the first place.

    May those who celebrate the life of Christ in this world wake up and realize that the only way to protect their beliefs in Jesus is to protect the birthplace of their savior from those who would like to wipe all of us off of this planet. The muslims who were there protesting are also the ones who would just as soon take over our country of America, as well as they would like to take over Israel.

    America needs to wake up and we need more brave souls like this young man in the video.

    God bless him and his family. We need to pray for their protection.

    God bless America.

  13. That student was brave. If I were there that day, I would have walked with him in solidarity.

  14. Tom:
    It did take a lot of courage. I hope we all can find it inside of us to stand up for what we believe in. I'm sure he would have appreciated your support.


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