Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Flag Day - Monday, June 14, 2010 - I'm Feeling Patriotic


What better way to celebrate our Flag and our Country than to honor our Military?

Enjoy this video of Gene Simmons (yes, the guy from KISS) paying tribute to the U.S. Military.

God Bless Our Military
God Bless Our Flag
God Bless The USA

Thank you to Trevor Loudon from New Zeal Blog for providing this video.
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  1. Let's hope that we will have many more such days.

  2. Hi Trestin:
    We will, because of people like you. Take care.

  3. Hi lady, I'm in the mood too. The reason I am is this post I'm putting a link to below. NO DRY EYES ALLOWED !

    The War Planner

  4. 50 days and now he is ready to kick ass. - 49 days too late to kick anything! He should have 'kicked' into gear weeks ago and had tankers vacuuming oil at the scene, he should have 'kicked' into gear when shrimp boats were waiting to go into the gulf and skim oil, instead sat idle waiting for someone from our government - I said our government, not BP, to give them the word to go out, he should have 'kicked' into gear when Jindal asked for the sand berms to start being dredged - any kicking now needs to be to this administration for failing to move when states were begging for help - I live in this area and I am ready to kick someone!! I love our coast, have a home in Grand Isle, La. and am furious at the lack of action, lack of leadership, the attitude of let's wait to start until we get the check from BP. Kick into gear government!! Be responsible for our coast land, our gulf, our environment, our marshes, our wildlife, our fisheries, our way of life for generations. The impact is already tragic, hearings in Washington, the dog and pony shows are not going to help that - focus on that later. Get kicking into action and get the check later!!

    Yours truly Loretta, (An American Girl)

  5. Hi Odie:
    I saw that post yesterday. It sure touched my heart. Thanks for passing it on.

  6. Hello American Girl:
    I don't blame you for being angry.
    It is so sad to hear that your beautiful coastline is being hit with such a terrible disaster. I agree that the Fed Gov't is MIA on this. Too bad Obama gets involved in things like health care and buying car companies instead of what he's supposed to be involved in...keep America and Americans safe. It almost seems that the oil spill is a distraction from his agenda. Sending the lawyers down doesn't solve the emergency.
    I saw many good ideas for helping to clean up the oil spill on Huckabee last night, and only one that had been considered by BP. I also heard other countries were willing to help within 4 days of the spill and because of the "Jones Act", they are not permitted to help. The whole thing is ridiculous. You are absolutely correct...a total lack of leadership.
    I truly hope and pray that somehow the spill is stopped soon and that your beautiful shoreline is returned to it's pristine condition. I will keep you all in my prayers.
    Thanks for stopping by and please come again.

  7. What a fabulous tribute to our military. Yes, indeed Mr. Simmons it is about God and Country.

    The video is over, but I still feel the chills. Thank you, TCL.

    An American Girl, I too feel so terribly for your home area. When this man-made disaster is over, long before the repair and clean-up happens, if it ever does, we will learn most of the truth about Obama's handling of the spill, and the truth will not be pretty.

  8. Hi Maggie:
    I couldn't stop smiling after I saw that video.

    And you're's not going to be pretty when we find out the truth about the oil spill...if we ever do. The MSM cannot be trusted.

  9. This was a great, patriotic tribute to our troops. I have always liked Gene Simmons.
    Happy Flag Day :)

  10. Hi Teresa:
    He looks a lot different without the makeup. Happy Flag Day to you, too.

  11. Great stuff, TCL. It's also the Army's birthday! Hooah!

    Also, I fixed that broken con video you told me about, at my other place, because, you know, with my gushing and all I have so much time to blog all over the innertubz.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  12. Oil Spill:
    Glad you got the word on the video. I just hate when YouTube takes them down after I post them.

    And, Happy Birthday to the Army, too!


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