Saturday, June 26, 2010

Governor Jan Brewer: "Mr. President....Do Your Job - Secure Our Borders"

Arizona is lucky to have such a strong Governor, who will stand up to President Obama and won't take "NO" for an answer.

Lisa Graas: Governor Brewer Video: 'We Will Not Surrender Any Part of Arizona"


  1. I want to adopt Brewer as my governor.

  2. This is her most bold video yet. I wish we had more leaders like her in Washington.

  3. Opie:
    I would imagine a lot of people would, too. She's a strong leader and thank goodness AZ has her at this important time.

  4. Trestin:
    True. She needs to be bold and assertive because this administration will walk all over her if she doesn't stand her ground.

  5. Brewer and Christie in 2012?

    While it sounds good, they need to be in their home states. They have such messes to clean, that it will take years.

  6. Matt:
    I agree. Let them solve their state problems. It gives them more leverage if they ever decide to run for higher office.

  7. The border was broken when Obama took office but now it is shattered like glass. Brewer is an excellent governor who is standing up for the safety of citizens and speaking out against Obama's willful ignorance and broken promises.

  8. Hi Teresa:
    She is absolutely an excellent Governor when it comes to standing up for the safety of her state. We need more like her.


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