Friday, June 4, 2010

Classless Numbskulls Come in All Nationalities

I've been a Beatles fan since I was a little girl. I still love their music and wish I had been fortunate enough to see them in concert when they were still together. As an adult, I remember the first time I saw Paul McCartney live in concert when he had the group "Wings". I was so happy to finally see at least one of the Beatles in person and he singing many of my favorite Beatles hits.  I have to admit, it's one of those nights I will never forget because the Beatles are still my favorite group.  And I've seen Paul in concert since, still bringing back happy memories.

To see this video and hear Paul McCartney's nasty comments about President Bush, has made me sad. Now when I see Paul McCartney on TV or hear one of his songs, I am going to think about his smart-ass remarks.

Paul, I know you're a liberal and I know you adore President Obama. Actually, I really don't care. I still like the Beatles and the music you have written over the years. What I don't like is you coming to my country, being honored with an American award and then bashing one of our presidents in your thank you remarks. It wouldn't have mattered if your remarks were about a Democrat president or a Republican president...they were not called for no matter what. You can think and say whatever you like, but in a setting at the White House, snide comments about an American President by a foreigner is in very poor taste and an insult to the American people.

What made it even more disturbing was the laughter from the American audience.  Not really surprising coming from the Obama Administration Bush Bashers.  Classless numbskulls come in all nationalities it seems.

I don't think I'll waste my money on another Paul McCartney concert. My old Beatles records will have to do from now on.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more TCL. And from what I saw from the video, it appears that after he said it, he quickly squirmed off the stage as though even he was offended that he said it. I like the Beatles too, and love his work in Wings, but I agree. From now on, I'm only going to think of his stupid remark. Funny how a musician can bring upon his audience negative connotations in regards to their own music due to the things they say in front of a mike when they're not singing or playing. Anyone remember the Dixie Chicks? I've had a running boycott on them in my house for years now.

    BTW - Saw that you became a follower of my blog, and thank you. But make sure to note I moved my blog to wordpress so it has a new address. I don't want my comment to appear as a self-glorified advertisement, so let me know if you want the new address. Its also noted at my old blogspot address as well. Take care TCL.

  2. Hi Jake:
    I hate it when an entertainer shows their liberalism in nasty ways. It doesn't bother me so much that they're liberal, but when the nasty, stupid comments start to fly, I get totally turned off and if I see them on TV, they usually "get turned off".
    I did know your blog address had changed, but you don't have a "Followers" button at the new blog. I've registered with Wordpress at that link.
    I don't mind posting your link here, even if you're too much of a gentleman to do it, so here goes:
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. hi hun..I heard this on Mark Simone who gave him a pass for this which I thought was awful..this is grotesque!..thanks for the link and let me know if I can add ya to my blogroll! have a peaceful weekend !

  4. Woman:
    Oh, what does Mark Simone know anyway, ha.
    I left you a comment at your blog. Thanks to the offer of adding TCL to your blog roll. I appreciate it and have reciprocated. I was happy to find your blog.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Madam,

    We have a perfect storm brewing here and these folks are overplaying their hands ~~ to mix and mash metaphors,similes and other literary gimmicks. We will see the outfall of people who are too supremely confident of their hip, liberal mien.

    There will be a comeuppance that will be shocking to them; their time of glory will be short-lived.

  6. TCL, my sentiments exactly. It was worse because it was said in the White House. It is not appropriate anywhere, but the things that happened in the White House since Obama infiltrated it are astonishing, and saddening.

    I looked up some of the I.Q. stats, and McCartney obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. He also said billions of people were pulling for him. Hmmmmm. That may be a stretch.

    I've added TCL to my blogroll:-) I love your banner.

  7. War Planner:
    And that time can't come soon enough.

  8. Maggie:
    Obama and his group really have no respect for the White House and what it stands for.
    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and you are now on mine.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Well said.

    I'm a Beatles fan too, and was hoping he would keep his mouth shut. Even John in all his hippie out there thought would not have been this tasteless.

  10. I still like Beatles tunes. I am inclined to think that listening to musicians material does not require agreeing with their politics. Or, that any music that I like must be inked by musicians with at least normal or above average IQ's.

    Some of the best stuff ever recorded was pumped out by blithering idiots. George Harrison's 'Tax Man,' for example.

    Or a better example, 'Big Yellow Taxi' by Joni Mitchell. The woman is virtually brain dead, but this tune is outstanding.

  11. Trestin:
    He should have kept his mouth shut. First, because of common courtesy and second, because he didn't know what he was talking about. He should have checked out GW's credentials before spouting such a comment.

  12. Fredd:
    I suppose some entertainers are endowed with musical and dramatic talent instead of common sense. It's a trade off.


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