Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Special Happy Mother's Day 2010

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there.  I hope you enjoy the day doing whatever makes you happy.   Relax and enjoy some pampering!  

To the Moms who are serving in our Armed Forces, along with Happy Mother's Day wishes, I'd like to thank you for your service to our country.

There are some Moms I'd like to wish a Special Happy Mother's Day.

This year I thought I'd remember and honor the ladies we don't hear about very often.  I'm talking about the Mothers of our troops.  Imagine the pride these women must have for their children, but along with the pride comes fear and sacrifice.

So this Mother's Day I want to thank all of the Moms of the troops (past and present) and wish you a special Happy Mother's Day.  We owe you and your families a sincere debt of gratitude for your sacrifice.

God Bless You all.

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  1. I agree - a special Happy Mother's Day to Moms of soldiers indeed, as well as Moms who are serving.

    Also, from me - a Happy Mother's day to all bloggers who are Moms and all Moms of bloggers (like mine!).

  2. May God bless the men and women in the military.
    And may God bless their mama's too!

  3. Hi Sol:
    You have everyone covered! Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes and I send my Happy Mother's Day wishes to your Mom.

  4. They certainly do deserve special recognition.

  5. This is a wonderful Post, TCL.
    The Military Mothers are the best, and I don't know
    how they stay so calm. If I had children in the service, I'd be a nervous wreck worrying about them. Have a Great Mother's Day, TC Lady!

  6. Matt:
    They do deserve our thanks and respect.

  7. Hi Bunni:
    I can only imagine how stressful being a military Mom would be.
    Thanks for the nice wishes.


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