Monday, May 3, 2010

New Zeal Blog Exposes Joel Rogers...The "Wizard" Behind The Obama Presidency

I heard about the New Zeal Blog today.  It's written by Trevor Loudon from New Zealand.  Mr. Loudon has done extensive research into Barack Obama, his administration and who is running the show in the background.  Why would someone from New Zealand be researching and reporting on Barack Obama?  The reason is that Mr. Loudon doesn't want to see America destroyed...because if America is destroyed it will affect the rest of the world, including New Zealand.

Obama File 102 relates to the "Wizard" I referred to in my post a few days ago.   His name is Joel Rogers and if you read Obama File 102 you'll see that this "Mr. Rogers" isn't wearing a cardigan sweater and singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor". This Joel Rogers is a major leader in the Progressive Movement who would be more inclined to wear a "brown shirt" than a cardigan sweater .   

I'll let Obama's former "Green Jobs" Czar, the Marxist-Leninist Van Jones...who has been part of Rogers' network for some years...tell you a little about Joel Rogers:

Jones points out three "great gifts" that Joel Rogers "has given our movement".

Firstly, there is "a new economic model ...high road development ...the best thinking that he represents is now reflected in the White House."

Secondly , "...the New Party, which is now the Working Families Party...the idea of a 'new politics' that you could actually have in this country bringing together labor, civil rights, feminists...and actually make a the basic framework for what just took over the White House."

Thirdly, ..."his idea of a new energy paradigm. His founding the Apollo Alliance. I believe the stimulus is going to put something like $80 billion in this direction..."

Very enlightening and VERY scary.

Below is the link to Obama File 102 with a short excerpt.  A must read if you want to understand what we are up against.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Barack Obama did not create a movement. A movement created Barack Obama.

One of the key leaders of that movement is a Madison, Wisconsin, law professor and sociologist - Joel Rogers.
While not widely known outside "progressive" circles, few people have exercised more influence in more strands of the movement that selected and elected Barack Obama, than has Joel Rogers.

You'll  find links to all of the Obama Files at New Zeal Blog.

I urge you to pass this information around to as many people as you can because the state-controlled media will never do it. 

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  1. I wish my friends from New Zealand understood my America is important. All they do is complain about Bush.

  2. Hi Trestin:
    I'm sorry to hear that your friends from New Zealand are still living in the past. Maybe you should tell them about the New Zeal Blog.

  3. Great find TCL. I'm surprised that Glenn Beck hasn't run this stuff, if he hasn't already.

    Back in the late 80's, there was a kid from New Zealand at our University. He urged us to "never let them socialize anything." Hopefully, not all of them have drank the Kool-Aid.

  4. The liberals wanted the Times Square Bomber to be a right wing tea bager..

    Bloomberg looks like a real idiot now. Of course, I think he always looks like idiot.

    Well then I guess the Naturalized citizen from Pakistan was pissed off that Obamacare passed because they are looking for a Muslim guy..Bloomberg is an idiot..I’m pissed off that the bill passed too, doesn’t mean I go off and buy some propane tanks and try to blow up Time Square..really, how did that moron become Mayor.
    Remember this Mr. Mayor, Terrorists can’t throw the politicians out of office.
    Tea Partiers, can.

  5. I will, in all my life, never understand why they have to change a perfectly good country. Why don't they try to fix one that's broken or go to one that believes the crap they're trying to peddle.

  6. Hi Matt:
    Actually, I heard about the New Zeal Blog from Glenn Beck on his radio show. Glenn did talk about Joel Rogers last week. He called him the "Wizard" (now you know where I got my post title). I posted the videos from Glenn's show last week.
    I'm happy someone is doing the research behind Obama and his co-horts, because the MSM never will.

  7. Hi Lisa:
    Welcome to TCL Blog.
    The Left wants to "prove" that the Tea Party is violent, so they make up stories and try to insinuate things that just aren't true. Throwing out the possibility that the tea party "could" have been responsible for the almost-bombing is reprehensible, and typical, of the Left, but it did make them look like idiots. Bloomberg is a jacka$$ for even saying it. The state-controlled media is no better.
    I hope the Tea Partiers in NYC remember what Mayor B. said about them and show him how much they appreciate it in a future election.
    Please stop by and visit TCL again.

  8. Hi Odie:
    It's called "control & power"!

  9. Hi TC Lady! This is very scary stuff.
    I'm SO GLAD you found this and posted it.
    It's so hard to keep up with the daily horrors of obummer & it REALLY DEPRESSES ME!

    I hope you are having a nice week, God Bless, and
    Let's pray that America survives this Manchurian President.

  10. Great article. I posted the link back to your site @ my blog. Great work.

  11. Right Ideas:
    Thanks. This information must be passed on by us because the MSM will never do it.


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