Thursday, May 20, 2010

Al Gore Spews Graduation Doom and Gloom

How would you like to have Al Gore as the keynote speaker at your college graduation?  After hearing this doomsday scenario, I think I would have jumped off of the nearest bridge.

The Most Depressing Graduation Speech Ever
By Elmer

Instead of providing encouragement for the graduates of the University of Tennessee, Al Gore takes the opportunity to promote his doomsday global warming scenarios. Take action and stop the global warming power grab at

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  1. Just wondering why the Youtube poster chose to use the theme "Land Of Hope And Glory" composed by Edward Elgar in 1902 as the unofficial anthem for the British Empire?
    Perhaps they were thinking of a pun along the lines of "Land Of Doom And Gorey"?

    Sadly our students are a lefty socialist bunch who have mostly fallen for the Climate Change myth so they would probably welcome Mr. Gore and bask in the reflection of his 'celebrity'.

    They actually love Climate Change because it gives them something to feel guilty about since they no longer worry about the working classes who, as they see with their own eyes, all have plasma TVs and jockey with them for position in formerly exclusive holiday venues like Madeira and Phuket. That's why they abandoned Labour at our election, in favour of the equally socialist, but very middle class, Liberal Democrats.

  2. He must be trying to outdo Michelle Obama. She was awful at her last grad speech.

  3. Hi banned:
    The song "Land of Hope and Glory" is known here as "Pomp and Circumstance" and played at graduations. I like the "Land of Doom and Gorey" fit with the "evil one's" speech.
    Our kids, too, are being brainwashed about global warming/climate change.

  4. Hi Opie:
    I missed that one (thank goodness). Was she talking about her vegetable garden or about fat American kids and how she's going to monitor what we eat?

  5. Has he lost his mind? Did he know where he was, or who he was talking too? What does any of that have to do with a graduation.

  6. Hi Trestin:
    He is a self-serving b*st*rd who took advantage of a situation where he had the undivided attention of a group of young people who he could attempt to impress, scare and maybe brainwash with his scare tactic agenda. That or he decided to see how fast he could put everybody to sleep.

  7. Unlike the Republicans in Congress yesterday, who didn't leave when AZ was berated by Mexico's Calderon, had I been a Tennessee graduate I would have stood up, made damned sure AlWhore knew I was doing it, and walked the ____ out, the back of my gown displaying an image of a huge middle finger through and iceberg.

  8. Conservative Lady, your last comment is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT...
    Man, I can hardly LOOK at the liberal jerks anymore....let alone hear them 'speak'

  9. Snarky:
    That would be a sight to behold. I'm sure there were some folks there who wished they had the nerve to walk out, but for whatever reason, they sat through it. Maybe some did walk out, but I didn't see any reports on it (not surprising with the MSM in Gore's back pocket).

  10. Z:
    It's impossible to listen to them without my skin crawling and my blood boiling just to think of what they are doing to our country. I hope the November elections bring some relief to their destruction. What I'm afraid of is that the GOP gets into power and goes back to their old ways. Maybe with the Tea Party holding their feet to the fire and helping to elect new, more conservative candidates, we have a chance to right this ship. Please God.

  11. I wouldn't let him come to a roundup and branding.
    I have other things I could say but since this is your blog, dear Lady, I will not for the sake of decorum.

  12. Petty Officer:
    I have to curb my language when it comes to Algore, too.


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