Friday, April 2, 2010

Video Reveals Timeline of Tea Party Smear

I wonder if the state-controlled media will cover this one.   Nah, I'm not really wondering...the answer is "no way".

How Quickly Spread the Tea Party Smear

Jack Cashill
To make the racial smear of the Tea Party protestors at the Capitol clear to anyone with eyes to see, I have assembled this four-minute video.

Read the article here.


  1. Splendid, I have not heard the word 'agitprop' since my student days in the '80s but this vid typifies neo-marxist tactics of the time.
    While not wishing to comment upon US internal affairs I presume CL that this self selecting group of black politicians chose to present themselves as a group thus attempting to turning it into a race issue themslves?

  2. Everyone in America knew the plan that day. Supporters of Obama and liberal policy, who are also the most peeved at dissenters, are simply unwilling to stray from the pack.

    Some geniuses that day, probably white liberal men, decided to, once again, use minorities as pawns.

    Convinced of their own BS, they believed that by sending black people through a sea of mostly white people, the REAL racism would erupt.

    FAIL! FAIL! And more FAIL!

    As every video shows and every witness attests, nothing happened!

    So, what to do then? Sh1t, just make it up. It's worked thus far. With maroon talking heads like Olbermann to sell it to his radical base, and with reactionary liberals in print media ready to run with fake headlines, they did what they usually do in inventing history.

    Only this time, they jumped the gun.

    They've been jumping the gun for a while. They love telling their own version of the truth, most of which is rammed down our children's throats using fear and intimidation. But now they're just making it up as they go along.

    If there are racists in the TP, there certainly isn't any evidence to back it up.

    And logically, why would millions of racists show absolutely no racist behavior!?

    They're already racists in the minds of liberals, so they have absolutely nothing to gain by biting their tongues.

    They're already laughed at. They're already painted as hatemongers.

    We all know the truth. Some are just too scared to go aganist the grain and admit it.

    Like the post I have on my blog about business owners, Obama worshippers simply don't want to admit their guy's policies are bad news.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I'm planning a wrap-up of these events. I'll use this vid and give ya a link.

  4. Hi banned:
    Not only did they walk through the crowd, but the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) wielding a big gavel and the other Dem leaders of the House of Representatives walked through the crowd. Normally they take a different route to get into the Capitol Building. So it is obvious they were shoving it in the face of the anti-ObamaCare protesters that they were going to pass the bill despite the opposition. The feeling about this is that they were "hoping" for a confrontation of some sort to "prove their point" that the "teabaggers" are violent racists. Since nothing happened, they had to make up the story.

  5. Josh:
    Progressives have been re-writing history for a very long time. They've never had much opposition before and now I don't think they can believe that we are finally fighting back. I'm sure all of their actions are right out of "Rules for Radicals".

  6. Matt:
    Thanks. I think Mr. Cashill did a great job with the video.

  7. Very well done! I would like to use this video, (of course) I will link it back to you.

  8. Hi Trestin:
    Be my guest. I was happy to find it and think it should be posted everywhere to show the truth of what happened that day.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  9. Actually, I think this is all part of the plan to tear down the Tea Party now that DeathCare is in place.

    Happy Easter, TCL.

  10. Great post CL - as always - have a blessed and joyous Easter!

  11. Snarky:
    Oh, it's absolutely the plan to tear down the Tea Party, and as long as the Tea Party members do not give them the reaction they want, the progressives will try to manufacture it. I just hope the Tea Party continues to fight against them in a non-violent way. It will only take one really crazy person to screw the whole thing up.

  12. LSP:
    Wishes for a Blessed Easter.

  13. This action is a typical ploy of the American left, but the MSM always goes along with it. Its not that they don't recognize it for what it is its just that it fits their model. Great post CL.

  14. Hi Ron:
    Alinsky tactics are in play here and the state-control media play right along.


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